4 x 3 ingredient recipes to try 1 time in your life – part 18

by Barry Lewis


Curried cauliflower soup

1 x 500g pack cauliflower & broccoli mix

2tsp curry powder (strength of your choice)

700ml milk

Sort of passion fruit soufflé

250g custard

2 egg whites

3 passion fruits, halved

Strawberry and peach lemonade

200g strawberries, washed and hulled

3 peaches, stone removed, sliced

500ml cloudy lemonade

Mexican chicken thigh traybake

4 chicken thighs, skin on

1 x 500g pack frozen vegetable mix (ideally a seasoned one like a fajita mix)

Approx 8 baby potatoes, sliced thinly and washed


In this episode of 4321 we make a peach & strawberry lemonade, broccoli & cauliflower curried soup, a sort of cheats passion fruit souffle & a Mexican chicken thigh traybake with vegetables and potatoes. All of the recipes to make 4 courses use just 3 ingredients (or items) but 12 in total! Grab some inspiration for a budget dinner idea!

Curried cauliflower soup

Cook the cauliflower in the milk in a saucepan to package instructions / simmer on a low for 20 mins in a saucepan over a hob with the curry powder sprinkled on top on a medium flame. Season with fresh pepper and salt, stir from time to time as it cooks. Remove from the heat once fully softened and allow to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, pour away 1/3 of the milk left in the pan and add the rest to a blender and whizz away until smooth, reserve some if you like un-blended for texture. Re-heat in the pan and serve with extra pepper on top.

Sort of passion fruit soufflé

Halve each passion fruit and scoop the flesh into the custard in a bowl and mix together until combined. Leave to one side. Whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks appear, once achieved, slowly fold the egg whites in batches into the custard mix. Fold it in fully until absorbed but do not over fold it. Add into lightly greased ramekins (roughly enough for 4 soufflé’s) about 2/3rd’s of the way up. Bake for 10 minutes at 180fan/200c/Gas 6 / 400f or equivalent or until just lightly browned then remove from the oven, do not leave them in too long or they will collapse. Just get them lightly browned and allow to cool before eating away.

Strawberry and peach lemonade

Simply add the strawberries, peach and lemonade to a blender, whizz up and serve immediately. If chilling it will settle slightly so give it a stir just before serving if storing it to mix the drink up nicely. Tweak with the ratio of fruit – more / less peach etc to taste and adapt the recipe. You can also add ice if you wish.

Mexican chicken thigh traybake

Get a large baking tray, add the sliced potatoes and the chicken thighs, then add on the package of seasoned vegetables. Place some on the chicken if you wish. Bake at 160fan/180c/350f/Gas 4 for approximately 30 minutes or until the chicken is well browned, taking out the oven a couple of times and moving the potatoes / vegetables around and coating the chicken in any oils, brushing the tops with a pastry brush. You should end up with lovely self-sauced chicken thighs, vegetables and potatoes.