Hey! it’s Mrs Barry here, Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday isn’t far away now. It’s known as a day where you fill up on rich fatty foods in preparation for lent which begins the following day, Ash Wednesday, and ends at Easter time. It’s also a day where it is perfectly ok to throw your food around in the kitchen, and the 5 second rule is acted upon.

Every year the girls will refer to a Peppa Pig episode ( a very well-known children’s carton), and want us to get pancakes stuck on the celling so they can go and jump up and down upstairs to get them unstuck! This is a great day to get everyone cooking, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the kitchen. I’ve put together a selection of ten different pancake/crepe recipes which Barry has made over the years;

1. Let’s start from the beginning, in this video Barry makes Pancakes for the very first time! You can even see how excited he gets after successfully flipping one and calling out to me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a decent picture to show you as it was filmed seven years ago before a HD camera entered the virgin kitchen, lol. You’ll just have to click here.

2. These gluten free banana pancakes are made with only 3 ingredients, banana, eggs, and bicarbonate of soda. They are light and fluffy, and the caramelised banana on top are defiantly worth making for some extra sweetness.

gluten free pancakes

3. In this next one, Barry and Phoebe make pancakes together for the first time. Phoebe even has a go at flipping a pancake in a cold frying pan.

kids pancakes recipe

4. The following year Barry and Phoebe have another go at making Pancakes together, showing you three different topping ideas. Phoebe also has better luck at flipping her pancake.


5. Now here’s something to make if you really want to impress people, Eton mess pancake cake. Between each pancake is whipped cream, strawberries, and meringue pieces and then it is finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, delicious! We all loved this when Barry made it.

eton mess pancake

6. If you fancy something savoury then try these easy spinach, ham, onion, and ricotta stuffed crepes. Of course, you can swap or leave out any fillings to your preferred taste, making these crepes perfect for the fussiest of eaters.

savoury pancakes

7. Greek yogurt pancakes are a little heathier than other pancakes and they really do taste delicious. The milk is replaced with Greek yogurt and only egg whites are used, along with bicarbonate of soda and flour. Of course, the topping choice is up to you, but blueberries, bananas and a drizzle of honey do go rather well with them.

greek yoghurt pancakes

8. In this British pancake day recipe videohttp://, Barry has put together all the tips he has picked up over the years on how easy and fun it is to make pancakes.

british pancake day recipe

9. If you are looking for something a bit different to try this year, then why not give these fluffy Japanese pancakes a go? They can be a little tricky, but their sweet vanilla taste and light fluffy centre is definitely worth it!

fluffy japanese pancakes

10. Now these lemon blueberry pancake stack cupcakes are phenomenal! The cupcakes are lemon and blueberry flavour with a lemon cream topping, finished with a mini pancake stack. In the style of Barry, they are stonkingly good!

pancake cupcakes

So, there are 10 of the best pancake recipes Barry has made over the years. Some are easier than others, but anyone can give them ago. The girls and I will definitely be making some sort of pancakes/crepes on Shrove Tuesday, and will no doubt be filling them with lots of sweet goodness/ naughtiness. There is also a pancake day recipe ideas, where you can find all of Barry’s pancake recipes, if you need some more inspiration.