Thanks for visiting the website…. i’ll keep this short, so you can focus on the good stuff!

My name is Barry Lewis and I started a YouTube channel called ‘My Virgin Kitchen’ back in 2011 when I couldn’t cook a thing, here’s the first video!…. So I picked up a camera and started filming attempting recipes in my spare time! Fast forward some Years and well over 1,000 videos later it’s now at a place I never thought it could be, with followers from all over the World inspiring people of all ages, from novices to pro chefs to laugh and learn about the World of food and beyond!

My aim is to steadily grow and delve further into the World of food and lifestyle creating lots of different content, including items submitted from you guys too, feel free to submit a recipe or blog post for approval…. Got the best breakfast bagel recipe? Submit a recipe! It doesn’t have to be foodie either… live in Belgium and want to write an article about the top ten things to see or do in Belgium? Submit a blog post!  we’d definitely consider sharing it with the community!

There’s a whole host of recipe sections and categories to look at from over the Years, including some fun taste test, kitchen gadget tests and food experiments to name a few, I really hope you get lost in the website and find some inspiration!

The store section has some cookbooks I have released and further products will be added too.

Thanks for joining in the journey. If you want to support me, I have a patreon page, it certainly helps with the cost of ingredients! We are really excited about the next step and look forward to taking you with us.

Good times.

Barry Lewis