4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life part 5

by Barry Lewis


Lemon meringue pie
Ready made pie crust

1 Jar lemon curd

2 eggs, separated.

Champagne Mocktail
400ml Ginger Ale

200ml Sparkling grape drink

200ml Pineapple juice

Teriyaki Chicken
500g mini chicken fillets

60g Brown sugar

150ml Light soy sauce

Quesad illa
4 Flour Tortillas

400g Cheese, grated

Jar of roasted red peppers in oil

Here we are with part 5 of the ‘4 x 3 ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life’ series. In this video we are making 3 ingredient lemon meringue pie, teriyaki chicken, a mocktail champagne and roasted pepper quesadilla featuring a nifty quesadilla flipping hack.

Oh & if you want more inspiration / ideas before we get going…. here’s the part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4 respectively if you’ve missed them!

3 ingredient lemon meringue pie

So to make the lemon meringue pie, first up I need to say that yours will look way better than mine! I limited myself to the 3 ingredients which impacted the meringue slightly, a little sugar in there and some cream of tartar will really give your meringue a boost! Have a look here for a good meringue.

Anyhow, grab your eggs and separate them if you haven’t already. Mix the lemon curd with 1 egg yolk, beat it together well until blended into the curd mixture. Pour this into your base. Now this is optional, but I would put this in the fridge now to firm up for about 25 minutes before proceeding to help the curd settle if you have time.

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4 or equivalent. Whisk the 2 egg whites until soft peaks form, then add just the smallest drop of lemon curd (or just add some sugar to be honest!) whisk until stiff peaks form, stand aside. Dollop this on top of the chilled curd and bake until the meringue is firm / just starting to lightly brown. Leave to cool and chill in the fridge before serving.

3 ingredient champagne mocktail

This was a really interesting concept, ultimately it tasted really nice and could easily be tweaked too! Grab yourself a jug and mix together the ginger ale, grape drink and pineapple juice in that order. Stir and tweak to taste to your liking, serve chilled! Not quite champagne, but certainly a yummy tangy refresher!

3 ingredient teriyaki chicken

Love this! Get some chicken thigh or breast, make them into bite sized chunks so they’ll cook quicker but also be a perfect snack using cocktail sticks! Slide it straight into a non-stick pan and cook away, stirring from time to time until lightly browned all over, a good 10-15 minutes usually. Now add in the sugar and the soy sauce, mixing again, let it bubble and steadily reduce down until it thickens. Don’t completely evaporate it all as it’ll thicken as it cools, but simmer down until a nice gooey caramelised sauce has formed that is staining the chicken. Remove carefully from the heat and serve as part of a main meal or with some cocktail sticks pushed into it to serve many.

3 ingredient roasted pepper quesadilla

Alright this one is awesome as you get the flavoured oil from the charred peppers in with the quesadilla! Grab a tortilla, place it onto a high ridged griddle pan if you have one. Dress the tortilla in some grated cheese and the peppers, then sprinkle some more cheese on top. Place another tortilla on top of the filling. Warm the griddle pan on the hob until the bottom tortilla (lift to check slightly with a spatula) is nice and charred. Flip over (the video shows a great hack on how to do this easily!) cook the other side until charred. The cheese should all be nice and melted. Turn out onto a chopping board and slice into 4 large quarter chunks, serve warm and gooey. So good!

So there we go another 4 recipes with 3 ingredients for you to get stuck into! Enjoy!