4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life part 7

by Barry Lewis


3 ingredient bacon shakshuka

1 large jar chunky salsa (pick your desired strength)

1 egg

2tbsp bacon lardons

3 ingredient shepherds pie

400g potatoes (peeled optional)

500g lamb mince

600g chunk vegetable soup

3 ingredient chocolate chip cookie tarts

400ml double cream

450g milk chocolate (chopped)

1 pack ready made cookie dough

3 ingredient iced hazelnut coffee

Coffee of your choice

Water (for coffee, but make the coffee strong)

500ml Hazelnut milk

4,3,2,1 – part 7! Here’s another 4 recipes that use just 3 ingredients! This time a 3 ingredient shepherds pie, hazelnut iced coffee, chocolate chip cookie dough ganache tarts & a bacon spin on a shakshuka! I hope this inspires you to have a go and pick up a pan & maybe add 1 or 2 other ingredients, this was another really fun challenge!

Oh & if you want more inspiration / ideas before we get going…. here’s the part 1, part 2, part 3part 4, part 5 & part 6 respectively if you’ve missed them!

3 ingredient bacon shakshuka

Fry the lardons in a pan until browned, add in the salsa and heat slowly to warm for 5 minutes on low heat stirring briefly. Either make a dip in the pan and add egg and continue to fry until egg white is all cooked through or (as seen in the video) transfer salsa bacon mix into an ovenproof dish, add egg and bake at 160c fan or equivalent for 15-20 minutes or until egg white fully cooked.

3 ingredient shepherds pie

Make the potatoes by either boiling them in water until softened, or placing into a large mixing bowl, covering with cling film, piercing it in a few places for the steam to escape and microwaving for 15 minutes. Whichever method you do, allow the potatoes to cool, then mash. Add cream, butter, seasoning if you wish and aren’t sticking to the three ingredients!

Meanwhile fry the mince in a deep frying pan until caramelised and most of the fat has evaporated, don’t just brown it lightly, really fry it up and push it a little further. Add the soup once the lamb is cooked into the pan and bring to a steady simmer, leave to bubble away for 5 minutes to reduce down. Transfer to a baking dish, top with mashed potato, run a fork along the top for a nice effect if you wish, then bake in an oven at 160fan/180c for 30 minutes or until nice and browned on top. You may want to put the baking dish in a larger roasting tray when baking to catch any spillages.

3 ingredient chocolate chip cookie tarts

Divide the cookie dough up and press into a tart tin or cupcake tray. Bake according to package instructions, but make sure the dough is all cooked through and well browned, not just lightly browned. Remove from the oven and use a tall thin glass or a teaspoon to press into the middle section to create a crater in the tarts for the ganache to sit.

Measure out 220g cream to 450g of the chocolate, keep the remaining cream in the fridge cold. Warm the cream in a saucepan until just bubbling, then lower the heat – don’t boil it. Add in the chocolate, make sure the cream totally covers it, then leave to stand for 10 minutes off the heat. Stir the chocolate and cream mixture with a spatula until a smooth rich chocolate ganache appears, add this to the cookie dough cases and chill in the fridge to set.

Whip the rest of the cream in a mixing bowl until soft peaks form and dollop a splodge on top of each chilled ganache tart, garnish with extra chocolate. Best served chilled.

3 ingredient iced hazelnut coffee

Nice and easy this one, but needs some preparation. Make your ice cubes (use strong coffee of your choice) leave to completely freeze ideally overnight in the freezer. When ready to make a coffee add with hazelnut milk to a blender, say 5 or so ice cubes to start, whizz in more according to preferred strength.

So there we go another 4 recipes with 3 ingredients for you to get stuck into! Enjoy!