4 x 3 Ingredient recipes 2 try 1 time in your life part 13

by Barry Lewis


Pizza Frittata

8 eggs

Handful mixed cherry tomatoes, halved

Handful cheddar cheese, grated

Meatball sub

1 x sub roll

1 x tin of meatballs in tomato sauce

Good handful of mozzarella cheese, grated

Chocolate Orange Brownies

1 x packet chocolate brownie mix

320ml fanta / orangeade

1 x terry’s chocolate orange

Strawberry smoothie

Handful of strawberries, hulled

2 bananas, thinly sliced

150ml milk (add more to your liking)

Ice (optional)

4,3,2,1 – part 13! Here’s another 4 recipes that use just 3 ingredients. This time a 3 ingredient pizza frittata,meatball sub, strawberry smoothie & chocolate orange brownies! I hope this inspires you to have a go and pick up a pan & maybe add 1 or 2 other ingredients, this was another really fun challenge!

Oh & if you want more inspiration / ideas before we get going…. here’s the 3 ingredient recipe section of the website with all the others to date!

Pizza Frittata

Add the eggs into a mixing bowl & beat together. Line and grease a round cake tin and pour the mixture into it. Now drop in the tomato pieces all around (you could also add cheese now if you want and also loads more things like seasoning and herbs etc), bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350f / 180c and then top with the cheese, and continue baking until golden brown on top. Allow to cool before removing from the pan, actually just as nice cold with a splodge of ketchup.

Meatball sub

First up slice the sub roll in half and warm a griddle / frying pan. Place the roll cut side down and lightly toast it, this won’t take too long, but don’t burn it, just char it for some more flavour. Leave to one side. Add the meatballs and sauce to a saucepan and warm through over a hob for 5 minutes to thicken the sauce, only stirring gently so not to break the meatballs. It should simmer, but not to wildly, so keep the heat low.

Place the meatballs on the base of the sub roll, spooning some of the thickened sauce on top. Then add a handful of grated mozzarella over the sauce and place the lid on top. Wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven for 10 minutes to melt the cheese, unwrap from the foil and gobble up!

Chocolate Orange Brownies

In a mixing bowl add the brownie mix with the fanta, whisk it together really well until it is lump free. Pour into a greased and lined brownie tin. Break up the terry’s chocolate orange into little pieces saving some segments for decoration at the end and scatter the smaller pieces into the batter. Bake as per brownie mix instructions, typically 30 minutes, for the last 2 minutes, remove from the oven and add some additional chocolate orange segments to the top and finish the baking for a couple more minutes. Allow to cool fully, these are a bit more fudgy than standard brownies but taste amazing! And yes, you can use a diet drink too, any can of fizzy drink will work.

Strawberry smoothie

Add the strawberries, bananas and milk to a blender and process until the fruit is whizzed up and broken down into a smoother texture. Add in the ice (if using) and whizz through again to break it down, serve immediately or keep chilled in the fridge.