4 x 3 Ingredient Recipes 2 try 1 time in your life 22

by Barry Lewis


Instant Soup Dip

2 flavoured instant soup packet mixes of your choice

250g Flavoured cream cheese

250g Low fat mayonnaise

One Pan Chicken Caesar Pasta

Fresh Chicken ravioli (ideally with parmesan)

200ml Caesar salad dressing

300g mixed bag of vegetables

Freshly grated parmesan to serve

Chocolate Banana Custard Tarts

1 sheet ready made puff pastry

2 bananas

2 tins chocolate custard

Roasted White Hot Chocolate

200g good quality white chocolate (30% cocoa butter is good), chopped

500ml milk

Vanilla extract (optional)

3 ingredients (or items!) can make some brilliant recipes. In this latest 4321 video, we make a starter, main, dessert and drink with 3 ingredients / 12 items in total, incuding an instant soup dip, chocolate banana custard tarts, one pot chicken caesar pasta and a roasted white hot chocolate. As always, this is just a base idea for some cheap and easy recipes, please add seasonings and whatever ingredients you fancy if you make these to take it to another level. Hope you enjoy!

Instant Soup Dip

This one is super easy, simply add the 3 ingredients together in a bowl, stir well until the soup mix is fully dissolved and then chill in the fridge covered until needed, serve with tortilla chips to dunk. You can use a whole variety of soup mixes, I used mushroom, but onion would work well too. Play around with it, the packets season the dip so there is no need for pepper etc, if you like add it slowly in batches and tweak to taste as you make it.

One Pan Chicken Caesar Pasta

Cook the pasta and vegetables in a high lidded frying pan to package instructions (normally 5 minutes), simmering gently, tip away most of the water and then add the Caesar salad dressing, stirring it through the pasta, simmer and reduce down for ten minutes until thickened slightly. Serve with the extra parmesan if you can grated on top.

Chocolate Banana Custard Tarts

Slice one banana into small pieces and mush the other with a fork on a chopping board. Roll out the pastry sheet and use a large cookie cutter that will fit your cupcake tray (including the sides of the mould) for each disc. Lightly grease the pan and line the pastry into the cupcake tray, add a teaspoon of mashed banana at the bottom of the pastry, add the custard to fill ¾ the way up, then top with a slice or two of the other banana. Bake in an oven to the package instructions on the pastry (normally 160fan/180c) or equivalent for approx. 20 mins until lightly browned, allow to cool fully before serving.

Roasted White Hot Chocolate

Put the chocolate on a baking tray lined with parchment or a baking mat. Bake the chocolate in an oven at 100fan/120c or equivalent for ten minutes, take out the oven and scrape the chocolate with a spatula all around, repeat by baking for a further ten minutes, removing the chocolate and scraping it, then baking again. Do this about 6-7 times, this gently roasts the chocolate, you may need to do it a bit longer, but it will suddenly change to a light brown peanut butter texture, once at this stage scrape into a saucepan, add the milk and vanilla extract (if using) and warm, whisking constantly until smooth in colour, serve immediately, this is amazing and you really don’t need the extract. Adding more chocolate to the mix will make it thicker, more milk thinner, so you can tweak this as you make it if you want, just make sure you whisk the milk or it will scorch the pan!