Nutella Brownie Cake

by Barry Lewis


2 ingredient cake :

6 eggs, room temperature
350g nutella

To decorate:
Icing sugar, cocoa powder, choc & toffee sauce, hazelnuts

In this video Barry shows you how to make a cake using just nutella and eggs – a nutella brownie cake recipe. Unfortunately to Barry this is essentially a chocolate omelette, so he pimps up the toppings to really transform it!
The ‘cake’ is almost a cross between a normal chocolate cake and a chocolate brownie as it has a slightly gooey centre which is incredible!
Of course you could add stability to the mixture using flour or cream of tartar to the egg or even use baking powder to give it some rise – that’s important to know when you make this that it won’t rise so really make sure you’ve made enough batter or scale the recipe up.

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