Olaf Frozen Cake

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
60 mins

Do you wanna build a snowman? In this video tutorial, Barry Lewis shows you how to make a homemade olaf frozen cake recipe! Super simple to chuck together using your favourite cake of choice.

Now first up my girls go absolutely mental for the Disney movie Frozen, they are like a little Elsa and Anna and are often singing, ‘let it go’, ‘love is an open door’, and ‘do you want to build a snowman’…. and it’s that last one that I am doing right here today, making an Olaf (the snowman from Frozen) in cake form. I’m pretty terrible at making cakes but absolutely loved making this one, it’s all about patience to be honest, something that when i’m baking sometimes I rarely have! Take your time and this will work out perfectly, great for a Birthday or gift, give it a go!

So the first step is to make your cakes, 2 large cakes should do it. In the video I made 2 large ones and a smaller part for the top half of Olaf using a mini victoria sandwich tin…. I had plenty of cake leftover so will be making cake pops with those soon! Let the cakes cool fully, they are much easier to shape once cooled!

While your cakes are cooling you can kill the time by doing 2 other steps. First up with some melted chocolate in a piping bag, pipe onto baking paper the arms, hair and eyebrows for Olaf and then place in the fridge to firm up. They will be delicate later, but will pop of the baking paper easily! Additionally help yourself out by making a template of Olaf’s body parts on greaseproof paper, this helped me soooo much and there are lots of images of him online so you can pretty much replicate whatever you want to do really!

Use the template to cut out the pieces of cake in the sections. Then brush with a topping (that will act as glue) of your choice – something like nutella like I used, or jam will be great but of course you could use a frosting etc. Roll out your icing thinly and drape over the pieces cutting away any excess and tucking in, once all the shapes are done you can arrange on a board to get the shape you are after. For a permanent hold stick some nutella underneath the cakes if you want to stop them moving.

Then it is just a case of decorating him. Roll up black and white icing to make the eyes, use your mouth template on black icing and a white rectangle for the mouth, black balls of icing for his buttons, and rolled up orange icing for his nose – to hold in place a little dab of water will do the trick…. stick it all on with the arms, eyebrows and hair – it looks pretty darn cool right! I used leftover icing to make different size snowballs and snow ground but that is optional….. hope you can give this a go folks, super easy, i’m terrible at cake decorating so if I can do this you definately can!

Do you wanna build a snowman? You do now! Enjoy and send me your pictures 🙂

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