Emoji Cake Pops

by Barry Lewis

Let me show you how to make emoji cake pops (I call them emoticon cake pops!) These are lovely little chocolate cakes broken up and combined with chocolate then decorated the way you like using coloured oil food dye to make gorgeous yellow colour!

Now first up as you know I am not the best at decorating things like this, but do my best so you can definitely do this I promise!

You are going to need a cake for this, I used the Olaf Frozen Cake made recently and plonked it into a bowl – roughly 400g or about a normal 10 inch size cake. But you can bake your own or buy one from the shops.

Break the cake down in a large bowl with your hands or a wooden spoon (you can whizz up in a blender if you like) but it does not make much difference I don’t think. Pour your melted chocolate into the bowl and whizz mix together, either using your hands or a spoon / spatula until combined and merged as one! Roll pieces of the cake mixture into golf size balls and insert a straw or bamboo skewer in before setting in the fridge for 20 mins or so to firm up.

Meanwhile melt up your white chocolate, over a pan of simmering water once melted add your food colouring. It must be oil food colouring or the chocolate will curdle you can get some here. You can get some oil based food colouring for white chocolate here.

Once the cake balls have firmed up you can then dunk them into your coloured chocolate, I pour the chocolate into a narrow glass to make dunking them much easier! So dunk them in one by one and then rest them upright to let the chocolate run off naturally. I used a colander as I could not find any polystyrene but that works really well!

Decorate the emoji cake pops with a range of ready rolled icings – you could use gel pens if you prefer.
Winky emoji cake pops : black eye brow rolled out, black dot on white circle for the eye, pink tongue on a semi circle black icing mouth.
Sad emoji cake pops : black for eye brows mouth and eyes, blue icing for a tear
Angry emoji cake pops : red chocolate (used red oil food colouring) with black icing for features
Smiley emoji cake pops : Black for all features with a white strip over mouth for the teeth
Shy emoji cake pops : black for features except eyes which are done as the winky emoji cake pops but both eyes, with some red food dye brushed in lightly on the cheeks
Heart eye emoji cake pops : heart shaped white icing brushed with red food dye, black icing for the mouth
X eye emoji cake pops : black icing for all features
Awkward teeth emoji cake pops : Black for features, white and black icing combo for the teeth

So I really hope you give these cake pops a go folks – they are a lot of fun indeed to make and taste fantastic! Enjoy

For those that need it here is the video transcript:
Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here, you are looking gorgeous today, there is something different about you it might be your hair anyhow today we are making some emoticon / emoji cake pops I hope you will agree they are looking super good. As you know I am not the most amazing person when it comes to decorating cakes and stuff like that so if I can make them look like this you probably can and make them look even better.
When I made the frozen cake recently I said I wanted to make cake pops with it and loads of you said to make emoticon / emoji ones so I really hope you give them a go if you do want to try hit pause and write all of the ingredients down. So of course you can bake your own cake or buy one from the shops and the rest is very minimal.
A massive thankyou to everyone that has contributed to the studio move, I have a crowdfunding campaign going on and it has actually 300% crowdfunded already! So thankyou so much and if you can pledge anything please check out the link in my description below. Anyhow this is how you make them.
So the first thing you want to do is break your cake into chunks, you can also whizz into fine breadcrumbs but I find this is still ok. Then you want to pour in some melted milk chocolate it can be milk, dark or white chocolate. Get it in the bowl and stir it together either with a spatula or your hands just to bond it together. Once you have it at that bonding stage, grab it and make them into little golf ball shapes.
With the balls done we want to get a bamboo skewer, I used straws for some colour variation. So stick them into your balls, then whack them in the fridge for half an hour. Now we are going to melt up our white chocolate and it is so important when melting and colouring white chocolate do not use gels or pastes, use oils I had to get this on amazon there is a link below for it but it is so worth it!
If you try to use other food dyes it makes the chocolate curdle and I have learnt that the hard way! This is amazing so as you will see I melted up some white chocolate and got them yellow and red.
So with your melted chocolate coloured what I find easier is to get a narrow glass and pour the chocolate in there and take the cake pops out of the fridge dunking one at a time it will get you a real decent coating on there. What you want to do is stand them up and what you want to use is polystyrene so you can stick them up and they drip naturally I did not have that so I used a colander with a bamboo skewer for support. So once my cake pops were done let them stand and set initially and then let them set in the fridge giving them a good hour.
Now when it comes to decorating the cake pops I am not going to list them all how I did them individually here but will explain more on my website if you want to check that out. But essentially all I got was some different coloured ready roll icing or you can use gel pens and started to cut out little templates of the emoticon / emojis I wanted to make it is quite useful if you stick them on a board and use some water to stick them to your faces and what you will find is to just build a whole creativity festival of these emoticons that are looking fantastic and obviously it is cake with chocolate and chocolate on top, it is not really going to taste that bad.
So I picked out the worst one in my opinion that I made and I used some red food dye to get the blush effect with a little pastry brush. But yeah here we go, oh my gosh! Spank my hiney and call my R Kelly, or play me an R Kelly album it is probably easier but very nice chocolate cake with chocolate, quite moist, so if you have a go at this recipe send me a picture @myvirginkitchen remember I am self taught so if I can you can too. It is just about confidence so give it a go check out my crowdfunding campaign if you can if you cannot pledge anything even sharing means just as much there are some cool perks – such as coming to the new studio, video messages, signed books etc give it a go! I have enough for lights now so may get a flashy LED behind me saying good times, or my mind is telling me no.
Anyhow I am enjoying doing these novelty cakes and want to try and do something cool every week next year. If you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up, share, subscribe and comment. Here are my girls trying them out.
Is that nice do you like them? Yep! Thumbs up! Yeah!

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