Pepperoni Pizza Cake

by Barry Lewis


2 x packet vanilla cake mix + any ingredients on packaging – eg eggs

500g Butter, room temp, cut into cubes

1kg Icing sugar

1.5tbsp milk

Concentrated red food colouring (the strong stuff, not gel)

50g ready-made green icing block

100g white chocolate, grated

5 white marshmallows

2 rolls of strawberry fruit winders / fruit leather

1tbsp Cornflour to help with marshmallow removal from paper

Alright folks so this recipe is how I made a pepperoni pizza cake – yes a cake in the pizza theme. However if you want to see something proper bonkers, an actual savoury pizza cake (which is amazing by the way) you can check that out here.

So my Daughter Chloe loves pepperoni pizza I just had to make this cake for her. You can make it with your favourite sponge recipe of choice or even a package mix if you prefer – I don’t mind, but a lemon sponge would be great! This is more about how I decorated it.

First up you’ll need the largest round tin you can find (that fits in your oven!), grease the bottom and the sides in butter and line the base with baking parchment. Now add your cake mix of choice, if using a packet mix you buy in shops use 2, but filling only to half way in the tin, it should cook depending upon the size of your tin similar time to a smaller tin as it is more spread out. Allow the cake to cool fully.

Once cooled cut a small incision around the edge of the cake about 1 inch inside the crust to create…. a crust lol level the cake if needed too at this point in the middle. We want the buttercream to sit in the middle of the cake and look slightly sunken from the 1 inch border. Keep any spare cake off cuts and eat them for a treat with family or make cake pops with them!

To make the buttercream whisk together with an electric whisk the butter and icing sugar slowly, steadily brining up the speed to avoid an icing sugar explosion. Add a little milk to loosen it if needed. Whisk for a good 5 minutes, make it nice and creamy. Add your food colouring and whisk through until blended, I find that for buttercream concentrated food colouring is way better than the gels in shops – these are ones where you just add a small drop and it is very intense. Definitely get some of that if you can. With that whisked in you should be left with a nice red buttercream. Spread it on the cake evenly, thinly at first to cover any crumbs then build up.

For the toppings:

Cheese: Grate the white chocolate

Mozzarella: Slice a marshmallow in thirds, in coin shapes. Place on baking parchment and microwave for 5-10 seconds until it expands. Remove from the microwave, if happy with the shape, freeze for 15 minutes in the freezer and use cornflour to help peel them off the paper.

Green peppers: Slice the block of ready made icing thinly into pepper shapes

Pepperoni: Unwind fruit winders, if thick ones, just cut into disc shapes. If thin (like mine in the video) press them on top of eachother to create a thicker band until you can get a good circle out of it.

Top your cake with the grated chocolate first, then spread out the other elements to top your pizza cake. I hope you agree it looks amazing! Have fun… Ingredients are for a sponge mix packet but if not aim for 4 x Victoria sandwich tin sized sponge batter.