Ferrero Rocher Ice Box Cake

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
480 mins


600ml whipping cream (2 cups)
2tbsp nutella
6tbsp sugar
250g cream cheese (1 cup)
200g chopped hazelnuts (1.3 cups)
1 large pack of wafers

Ice box cake, fridge cake, zebra cake, ripple cake…. whatever you want to call it…. well, I am sticking with ferrero rocher ice box cake this is out of this World good folks and you must get on this space shuttle of taste bud explosions.

The basics of an ice box cake are where a cream cake is merged overnight with wafers. This combination is pretty cool as they soften and become one when you give it enough time… this ferrero rocher twist is very naughty and will not last long!

Start off by whipping your cream in a bowl until thickened, then add in the sugar mixing through with a spoon until dissolved through.

Your cream cheese needs to be softened so loosen it up a bit with a whisk or wooden spoon and then gradually add into the cream mixture, whisking as you go!

With all the cream cheese mixture added, plonk in the nutella. Now this can be varied, you can make it stronger by adding more (it will make it darker), but just add in batches til happy. For me these quantities were just enough. Whisk through completely.

Build your cake on a plate or cake stand, start with a dollop of cream smoothed out to a circle shape, add some chopped hazelnuts, then a layer of wafers. I added two layers of wafer, but this is optional, just gives it a bit more texture. Repeat until you have just a little cream left and a pretty high cake! Frost the top and outside with the remaining cream using a spatula and cover with hazelnuts all over – amazing!

Now the bad news, and make sure you do this…. plonk it in the fridge for at least 8 hours, so ideally overnight. Before cutting into big old wedges and serving up on plates.

It will not last long and the wafer will have softened overnight merging with the cream! So many good times happening right here!!

So please give this ferrero rocher ice box cake a try!! Oh, and if you fancy making your own homemade ferrero rocher they are very simple too!!!