Smoreo Donutella Cake

by Barry Lewis


approx 60 mini ring donuts
1 large jar nutella (warmed)
5 bashed meringue nests
5tbsp melted chocolate
2 packs of oreos
(keep some oreo crumbs spare)
2tbsp butter, melted
4 tbsp salted caramel
2 jars fluff
400g icing sugar (4 cups)

his is my third recipe video for a hybrid Month, making another hybrid recipe. This one is called the Smoreo Donutella Cake – A s’more oreo base, with donuts, nutella, bashed meringue, salted caramel & marshmallow fluff – unbelievably epic stuff right here, if you missed the other 2 hybrid recipes so far check out this bacon lasagne or the chouxritto.

I have to say this one is very, very naughty, up there with one of the naughtiest things I have ever made, but it is gorgeous, one slice should be shared between two people so this will go down a storm at a party!

Start off by whizzing up the oreo cookies with the melted butter, it should be very lightly moist crumbs, spread this on a cake stand or a tin. Meanwhile melt up some milk chocolate and pour this on top of the biscuit base, spread it out to fully coat. The aim here is that as the chocolate cools it will firm up the oreo base and help hold the donuts above.

So lets grab our donuts now and place them all around the base, try to fit as many as you can on neatly and most importantly level, we don’t want it falling over! With the donuts in place sprinkle on some bashed up meringue pieces and then drizzle over some nutella. I warmed mine in a bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds if you are interested, it really makes it more workable. Spread all over.

Repeat those steps for another layer, so another bunch of mini ring donuts, bashed meringue pieces and nutella. This is looking pretty awesome right!? We will do another layer of donuts, and meringue pieces but this time simply switch the nutella for salted caramel and work around the top allowing it to settle.

If you are making your own salted caramel, simply warm some caster sugar in a frying pan over a low heat, leave it until it starts to crystalise, then begin to stir with a spatula to loosen up, it should be brown and bubbling in liquid form in no time. Remove from the heat and add single cream, normally about 2 tablespoons if your frying pan (i’m talking medium size) is covered in caramel. Then simply add salt to your liking and store until needed.

Anyhow back to finishing this off, marshmallow fluff moves quite a bit so to frost the cake we mix it with some icing sugar (confectioners sugar) and then spread it on top of the cake. Push it towards the outer edge gaps between the donuts for a cool effect, alternatively frost it entirely which is what I planned to do! Blowtorch it a little if you like to give a toasted finish then sprinkle on some bashed oreo cookie crumbs!

Here is the hard bit, put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours to firm up. But I promise you if you can leave it overnight the flavours and cake fuses together and is just simply unbelievably good!

There we go then guys I hope you try this one out, let me know how you get on and what you want to see next!

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