5 Ingredient Recipes for a Weeknight Dinner

by Barry Lewis



3 Eggs

2 Croissants, rolled flat

2 Slices Ham

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Cheese slices


Smoky Roast Chorizo Chicken

1 medium chicken

200g smoky tomato paste

250g frozen potato wedges

300g frozen mixed vegetables

10 slices chorizo, sliced into small pieces


Peach & Pear Tarte Tatin

1 bottle maple syrup

2 peaches, halved and stoned

2 pears, halved

Sheet of ready made puff pastry

100g white chocolate, melted

I love my 4321 recipes, and you all do too, but I’ve been mulling over changing that format up recently, so today we’re doing 5 ingredient recipes instead! The 3 ingredients was, let’s face it, getting a little tricky, so this has a lot more freedom and is probably a lot more realistic too! So why the 5 ingredients?

I probably shouldn’t admit this on the internet, but I get a bit bored when I’m reading a long list of ingredients, I’m always looking for quick and easy recipes that use 5 ingredients (or less!). There’s something quite nice about 5 ingredient meals too, like it’s not overwhelming but there’s still enough room for flexibility. They also make awesome weeknight meals too, because who really wants to spend hours in the kitchen every single day? Oh that’s me, actually! 

So my goal for this video was to do a starter (or brunch, depending on your preference), a main and a dessert, each with 5 ingredients. I’ve gone for simplicity, but really it’s just because I wanted quick and lazy! Honestly, I was a bit confused but also inspired while walking round the supermarket as I tried to replicate what any of us folks might be doing on a normal night trying to think up a weekday meal. And here’s what I came up with!

Starter: “Croquessant” Recipe

This is a bit of a creation of my own that I’m calling the Croquessant! A sort of starter, sort of brunch, but all kinds of deliciousness. I actually didn’t think it was going to work but it was pretty incredible and I was bizarrely happy with it!

Spread a layer of Dijon mustard over 2 croissants, one side only of the croissants. Top each mustard topped flattened croissant with a slice of ham, folded up to the size of the croissant. Top the ham with a slice of cheese on each croissant, cut to size if needed to fit the whole croissant. Lift up one croissant half and turn it onto the other cheese on cheese to make one large sandwich.

Beat the eggs together with a little extra mustard if you wish, in a mixing bowl until combined. Warm a frying pan with some spray oil, add the egg mixture, then sit in the croissant as it warms up cooking over a medium heat, once the egg mixture cooks and is not runny lift the sides of the egg mixture over the croissant and flip, cooking the underside. Cook to brown it lightly and warm through and melt the cheese. Best served warmed.

Main: Smoky Roast Chorizo Chicken Recipe

First you’ll need to make some slashes down the back of your chicken so the seasoning gets right in there, then rub the paste all over the chicken in a big roasting pan. Whack it in the oven and cook for 1 hour to temperature on packaging, turning half way through. 

Remove from the oven and take the chicken out of the pan for the moment, tip in the frozen veg, the chorizo and the potatoes and stir through in any chicken juices to mix the ingredients together. 

Return the chicken to the pan and cook for a further 45 minutes or to package instructions remaining on the chicken or until the juices in the chicken run clear.

Dessert: Peach and Pear Tarte Tatin Recipe

This recipe is a bit like the viral upside down puff pastry recipe I tried from TikTok recently, that was stonking, and so it this!

Cut the puff pastry sheet to roughly the size of the frying pan. Place fruit cut side down in a frying pan that can go into the oven (make sure of this, I don’t want to be responsible for any melted pans!). Add the maple syrup with 3 tbsp water and bring up to just a simmer over a low heat. Remove from the heat and carefully place the puff pastry sheet on top, using a spatula to press down the sides to tuck it in carefully. Bake in the oven at 350f or equivalent until golden brown and puffed up and carefully turn over once cooled slightly (give it at least 10 mins) onto a chopping board, finish with a drizzle of white chocolate.