Vegan pulled pork

by Barry Lewis


400g jackfruit


1/4 red cabbage

1/4 white cabbage

1 large carrot

good handful fresh parsley

4tsp dijon mustard

6tbsp olive oil

2tbsp cider vinegar


400g ketchup

1tsp smoked paprika

2tsp sriracha (optional, does make it hot)

1tbsp worcester sauce

1tbsp brown sugar

crunchy bread rolls to serve

It’s time to try out the ingredient Jackfruit! I’m hearing so much about it, i’ve got hold of some and want to put it to the test! So here’s vegan pulled pork jackfruit with vegan coleslaw and bbq sauce! My first impressions of jackfruit are that it looks a lot like a durian fruit both outside in it’s spikey shell and inside with it’s almost custard thread like appearance, but it doesn’t taste the same I promise! Here we make a vegan bbq sauce and a vegan coleslaw and bring together with the jackfruit to make a yummy pulled pork clone!

Lets start by making the coleslaw, it’s very simple and you can tweak it to your liking. Chop up both the cabbages into strips, they’ll fall apart pretty easily so just cut along them in 1/2 inch strips, julienne or grate the carrot into thin pieces and finely chop the parsley. Chuck all of this into a large mixing bowl.
Add the apple cider vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, salt and pepper and mix well to combine. Have a little taste and tweak as necessary to your liking, I added more vinegar in the video but maybe start a little lower at first. Place in the fridge for the time being.

For the bbq sauce add the ketchup, sriracha, paprika, worcester sauce & brown sugar into a large saucepan, whisk together over a low heat and warm through to just under a simmer. Leave on the hob.
Meanwhile cook the jackfruit, mash it up with a potato masher in a medium saucepan (this helps to flake it a bit) and then warm with a little oliver oil, frying for 6-8 minutes. Stirring regularly. Add the bbq sauce to the jackfruit, stir through and warm for a few minutes.

Serve in crunchy bread rolls once cooled with a dollop of coleslaw on top – delicious!