Pulled Pork Hot Dog

by Barry Lewis


Per dog
1 dog
1 bun
2tbsp pulled pork
1/4 red onion chopped
potato sticks

It’s the first video for Hot Dog Month, this is a recipe for an absolutely gorgeous pulled pork hot dog, you will love this!

You could do this inside or outisde, I am going for indoors today using good old pans! We will start off by toasting our hot dog rolls, spreading a little butter on them and placing them in a pan over a low flame gives a great toasty brown colour. Keep it moving to prevent it charring then leave to one side.

Get a griddle pan on a medium flame and cook the hot dog to char all over and soften, some people warm them in simmering water first but I find this works well if you are steady and move the frankfurter steadily.

Serve the dog in the bun with a warmed helping of pulled pork leftovers, a sprinkling of red onion, some potato sticks and a good drench of mustard and ketchup.