Baked Potato Hot Dog

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
90 mins


4 baking potatoes, olive oil & salt
3 rashers of bacon cut in strips
1 red onion thinly sliced
4 sausages
2tbsp mayo
1tbsp wholegrain mustard
2tbsp honey (1 tbsp for sausages)
1tsp poppy seeds
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
cress to garnish (optional)
*tweak the mayo / balsamic quants to your liking*

Perfect for a winter evening, bonfire night party food treat or just when you want something a little different the baked potato hot dog with honey mustard and caramelised onion & bacon filling!

This was an incredibly good recipe that will really blow your mind and hopefully get your creativity juices flowing! Replacing the buns in hot dogs for baked potatoes!

Start off by baking your potatoes, wash the baking potatoes and prick a few holes in with a fork, then cover in olive oil and sprinkle with some decent flaky salt. Bake on the actual shelf of the oven for 90 minutes or so until golden and puffy (don’t bake them on a tray, do it on shelf ok).

Meanwhile combine the mayo, mustard, honey and poppy seeds in a bowl and mix to a droopy texture, tweak to your tastebuds liking by adding more of the ingredients as necessary.

In a frying pan over a low flame (doing this to not heat the outside of the sausages too fast) begin to cook the sausages, as they start to brown add in the onion and begin to soften up. After another 5 minutes add in the strips of bacon and cook through roughly another 5 minutes. Pour in he balsamic vinegar and the honey it’ll simmer and bubble a fair bit and tan the ingredients, tweak the quantities here to your liking I added a little more honey for a sweeter edge. Let it simmer and caramelise for roughly 5 minutes, then time to serve up!

Cut a wedge out of a potato in a v shape, don’t go all the way to the bottom! Spoon in some honey mustard mayo, sit in a sausage, then drizzle on a little extra mayo topping, add some caramelised balsamic sticky onions and bacon on top then finish with a sprinkling of cress! Wow!!!

Trust me folks these taste sensational, oh and if you watched the video recipe, the mullet is optional.
Serve them hot, serve them cold, re-heat them in some tin foil, chuck other ingredients in like pulled pork or chorizo, enjoy it folks, the baked potato hot dog is a real WWW (Winter Warmer Winner!)