Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
480 mins


1 medium pork shoulder 3-4kg

1 onion, sliced

Salt, pepper and garlic powder to rub shoulder

450ml Dr Pepper

350g good quality bbq sauce

Ok so this Dr pepper pulled pork recipe is truly phenomenal! Randomly it was recommended to me to try by my vegetarian friend lettuce (hence the nickname) so that is indeed what I very much did!

First up you are going to need a slow cooker (or crockpot) and about 8 hours of waiting time, so it’s ideal to make overnight like I did in the video!

Chop up an onion into small strips or dice then place at the bottom of the slow cooker.

Next take your shoulder and rub in salt & pepper & garlic powder all over. You can keep the hood of fat on it if you wish, but I removed mine by slicing it off – it can be used to make pork scratchings though!

Sit the pork shoulder into the slow cooker on top of the onions and pour in approx 450ml of Dr Pepper, it may not cover the pork completely but that is fine!

Put the slow cooker on low setting and let cook away for 8 hours (ideally overnight, or the start of a morning for your evening meal when you come home!).

Once cooked the shoulder will be tender, lift out onto a board and shred up using two forks (or claws if you have them!)….. return to the slow cooker, squeeze in about 350g bbq sauce and mix through with a wooden spoon.

Turn the slow cooker to high and let warm through for 30 minutes.

Serve the pulled pork in buttered crispy rolls with a good heaping of coleslaw! These were unbelievable & so good! Also goes great as part of a larger meal with charred corn on the cob and quinoa / rice!