Oven Cooked Pulled Pork Ciabatta

by Barry Lewis


1 pork shoulder

Rub : 1tsp cayenne pepper, pinch onion powder, pinch garlic powder,  pinch salt & pepper, 3tbsp paprika, 2tsp dried mustard, 1tbsp sugar, 1tbsp cumin seeds

Baste: Olive oil mixed with a little paprika

Coleslaw: 1tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper, 1tbsp cider vinegar, 4tbsp mayonnaise, small cabbage shredded, 1/2 a small carrot, 1/4 onion.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes, 2tbsp olive oil, black pepper, 1tbsp paprika

BBQ Sauce: 100ml tomato ketchup, 30ml white wine vinegar, 20ml cider vinegar, 1/4 onion, garlic clove, 2tbsp honey, dash worcester sauce, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp apple juice, 1tbsp wholegrain mustard.

In this video recipe Barry makes some tangy barbeque oven cooked pulled pork sandwiches in the oven served up alongside some delicious sweet potato wedges