Toro Fries – Foot Long French Fries

by Barry Lewis


For the fries

3 medium potatoes, peeled

2tbsp cornflour

Salt and pepper

1tsp Garlic powder (optional)

2tsp paprika (optional)

Milk (as needed, tsp at a time)

oil for frying

To serve ideas

Paprika to dust

Sriracha & sesame seeds

Lemon pepper mayo with spring onions

Cheese sauce (see below)

For the cheese sauce (will make a fair amount!)

50g Butter

4tbsp Flour

500ml Milk

125g Cheese (your choice)

1tsp Paprika (optional)

These Toro fries are pretty fun indeedy, aka foot long fries different versions are popping up all over Asia and I was keen to make some myself, in the toro fries recipe video above I show a few things that happened along the way, so conclusion – get a piping bag ready… honestly, you’ll get a really compact strip if so that’ll hold amazingly!

How to make foot long Toro fries

First up boil your potatoes in water, until a knife goes through smoothly. Drain the water off but leave the potatoes in the pan with a lid on to steam dry for 10 minutes.

Then tip the potatoes, cornflour, paprika, salt and pepper into a bowl and mash away, this will be dry, but we need it to be strong, so only add a little splash (say a tsp at a time) of milk if needed, but only if the mash is really tough.

Put into a piping bag with a round nozzle, width of your choice – make fat fries if you want! Warm oil in a frying pan to 190c and carefully pipe strips into the pan 1 or 2 at a time, fry gently, and lift onto kitchen towel and repeat with remaining mix topping up piping bag as necessary.

Serve the fries warm with various toppings on top and a dusting of paprika!

If making the cheese sauce, melt the butter and flour together over a low flame in a saucepan, keep mixing / whisking it, add the milk and bring to a simmer, off the heat tip in cheese of your choice and paprika (if using) stir until melted and your sauce is done! Thicken it with more cheese, thin it out with more milk if you want different consistencies.