French Toast Roll Ups

by Barry Lewis

This is an absolutely awesome homemade French toast roll ups recipe that will just rock your socks! They remind me a lot of churros, which I have also made previously if you click the link – except these are far easier!

Start off by beating together lightly the eggs, milk and vanilla extract until combined. This step shouldn’t take any longer than a minute or so then leave to one side.

Next up combine the sugar and the mixed spice (you could just use cinnamon or nutmeg if you prefer) mix together with a spoon until a light brown colour and again leave to one side.

Trim the crusts off of your bread, and then remove the crusts with a sharp knife. Spread the topping of your choice on top of the bread, cream cheese works well as it won’t move too much when cooking… I went for normal cream cheese and a chocolate cream cheese which is pretty popular but you could always use chocolate spread. Cover the bread well leaving a little gap around the edges, place your filling along one strip of the bread along the longer side then roll up tightly and sitting on the board seam side down.

Mix up these fillings any way you like, I went for a strawberry and cream one, peach cream and hazelnut, apple toffee and pecan and a raspberry chocolate one…. the possibilities are endless!

You can store them in a freezer for another day or if you want to cook immediately place a knob of butter in a pan and once bubbling dunk a roll in the egg mixture and fry turning gradually until golden all over. Remove from the pan and place into the sugar spice mixture coating well before resting on a board and cooking the remaining roll ups.

That’s pretty much it folks, an absolute stonker of a recipe served with an optional maple syrup dunking pot if you wish. The French toast roll ups won’t be around for long when you make them, so ensure you make enough of them!