TGI Friday’s Green Bean Fries

by Barry Lewis


For the beans and breadcrumb coating

250g green beans, washed and ends trimmed off

500ml chicken stock (or vegetable stock)

125ml milk

1 Large Egg

200g fine breadcrumbs

1tsp garlic powder

1tsp onion powder

40g plain flour

Pinch of salt and pepper

Vegetable Oil for frying

Ranch Dip (makes a good amount)

250g mayonnaise

50g sour cream

1tsp chives, chopped

1tsp dill

1tsp parsley

1tsp garlic Powder

1tsp onion Powder

Pinch of salt and pepper

125g buttermilk

¼ Cucumber, grated

1tbsp horseradish sauce (omit or add more to taste)

It took 3 attempts to nail this but boy was it worth it! When I go to TGI’s (which isn’t that often to be fair!) I tend to order 3 things most often, a cajun pasta (which i’m highly likely to do!), Sesame Jack Daniels chicken strips (which we made recently!) and green bean fries, which as the title suggests is this very video! So with the help of my budget fryer I set out to make my own including the ranch dip, i’m not actually sure if TGI’s still do these in some places, but the final taste was incredible, a super close clone to TGI’s. Soft in the middle, crispy batter that lightly coats the green bean dunked in that slightly tangy ranch dip, extremely addictive things! Hope you give this a go, it’ll probably work in an air fryer too!

Homemade TGI Friday’s Green Bean Fries

Ok, lets get the homemade ranch dip made and chilled in the fridge first – if you can get ready made ranch dressing, omit all the ingredients apart from the grated cucumber and horseradish and just stir those in to taste! Anyhow, for those that want to go full homemade simply whisk all of the ingredients together in a bowl until well combined – tweak to your liking as you make it if you like tasting along the way, plus you can use fresh or dried herbs if you like, just cut them nice and small if fresh. Once happy, plonk in your fridge covered, to firm up and chill ready for dunking! That was easy huh?

So, the fries, not quite as easy as the dip, but easy ish!

Get a saucepan and bring the stock to a simmer, I personally think water would be fine, it didn’t really make a difference here – your call! Cook in the pan for around 4-5 minutes to soften then place into cold water in a bowl to stop cooking.

In a bowl have your egg and milk and beat it together with a whisk until combined. In another bowl combine the flour, breadcrumbs, pepper, salt, garlic and onion powder. Mix it around until nice and consistent, if you want to make it fine you could put it through a food processor for an ultimate light coating, I didn’t do this in the video with the breadcrumbs in, but it would help.

Take a green bean and dunk it into the milky egg mixture, place into the flour and lift more of the flour coating gently on top to fully coat it evenly. Put on a lined baking sheet or chopping board to one side that can fit in your fridge and repeat with the rest of the beans.

Put them into the freezer, at this point you could leave them there for another day as a make ahead recipe. If wanting to make them right away, give them 30 mins or so to firm a little and help the coating stick then fry them in the vegetable oil at around 360F until the coating is golden brown, it shouldn’t take too long, cook in small batches and place onto kitchen towel.

Serve them dunked in the dip! Super delicious, absolutely identical to TGI’s, that is if you can even get them there anymore?! Enjoy.