Baked Bean Pizza

by Barry Lewis


500g (3 cups) strong bread flour
pinch salt
7g (2.5 tsp) easy blend yeast
400g (14oz) tin baked beans, drained slightly
1 mozzarella ball
few handfuls grated cheddar cheese to top
300ml water
1tbsp olive oil

The dough will make enough for 2 pizzas  so get extra beans & cheese if making more than one

Ah the baked bean pizza when I was growing up an absolute nostalgic treat that they no longer make. This is a crying shame! The baked been pizza sounds terrible but it one of the most easiest recipes to make and delicious too! Remember to save time making the baked bean pizza you do not have to make your own base as I do in the video, a store bought one would work, or packet mix of pizza dough, but making it from scratch is a great achievement!

Start off by making the dough, combine together the salt, with the bread flour and the dried yeast. Mix through to incorporate. Then make a well in the flour and add in the water and oil, using a fork to plunge into the well and work in the flour mixture. Keep mixing it until a dough is formed as one, you can add just a little more water if essential.

Knead on a floured surface for 5 minutes to smooth out and work the yeast. Then sit in a new bowl, wrap in cling film and sit a tea towel on top. Put the bowl now in a warm place for it to double in size.

With the hour up peel back the clingfilm and knock back the dough. Rip it in half (this dough is enough for 2 large pizzas) and roll out a piece on a floured surface. Get it into your pizza shape.

Now sit on your baking tray and decorate the pizza, cheese first, then beans and an extra bit of mozzarella on top to finish. Leave a little gap around the edge for a crust and also as the beans will spread a little as they warm! Bake in the oven on the hottest temperature. If you are using a pizza stone it will take a matter of minutes, but on a baking tray a little longer.

Let it cool before serving these were (memorably!) very hot once out the oven, so avoid that by eating slice whilst still warm but not third degree burn territory if you get me!

Hope you give this a go, let me know any ideas you have for other nostalgic recipes and click here for more pizza recipes.