Frying Pan Pizza

by Barry Lewis


Pizza dough
Tin of chopped tomatoes
1 mozzarella ball
fresh parmesan
olive oil
fresh basil leaves

I’d always wanted to try making a homemade pizza from scratch using a frying pan. I’d heard about it but not had the need to try it, so after my recent baked bean pizza video where I used a pizza stone I wanted to show some love to those that don’t have that and by using your hob and the grill / broiler you can create an amazing homemade margherita pizza. This actually blew my mind I really hope you try it, be careful and remember to get everything super hot ahead of time.

So to make the frying pan pizza you need to have your pizza dough ready (rather than showing it again in this video you can see it in the baked bean pizza recipe video one)

Start off by getting your grill in the oven pre-heated and at the hottest temperature. Add your tinned tomatoes to a mixing bowl and squish with a spatula and season with a little salt. You can whizz in a food processor if you want it nice and fine.

Get a frying pan nice and hot on the hob, no oil or anything, just get it very warm indeedy. Roll out your dough to the size of the pan and when the pan is hot enough stick the dough into the pan and dress your pizza in it, work fast as the hot pan will start to cook the dough right away! You have 2-3 minutes to get the tomatoes on with the cheese, basil and a little drizzle of oil if you want to add that too (chilli oil is amazing!). Lift up the pizza, once you see the base is lightly browned remove from the hob and stick in the grill at the highest point you can so it is right by the flame to cook the tops. This should take another 2-3 minutes, once done remove from the grill onto a board and eat immediately!

That’s it, I love this concept it worked a charm for me, I hope you give it a go super good and works with any toppings!