2 ingredient pizza dough

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
5 mins


225g greek yoghurt

225g self raising flour (plus a considerable amount more for dusting / kneading)

Pizza toppings:

Handful mild cheddar cheese

Handful mature cheddar cheese

1tbsp passata / tomato sauce

few slices of pepperoni

Alright I know some 2 ingredient recipes can sound a bit far fetched or are a little more than two ingredients, but when it comes to pizza dough it really is generally pretty minimal ingredients anyway. But, this 2 ingredient pizza dough is incredible and was suggested by a fair few of you guys recently! All you need to is mix together the two ingredients, knead a little bit and then cook away, the frying pan method for cooking the pizza works an absolute charm too if you fancy it, a slightly softer (but cooked through!) base that you’ll love, i’d 100% make this again, especially if you want an emergency pizza dough that literally takes 5 minutes, then a few minutes later on your freshly made from scratch pizza! Chloe helped me with this, it was so easy!

Grab yourself a large mixing bowl and add in the flour (no need to sift it) and the greek yoghurt. Stir with a wooden spoon until well combined then turn it out onto a clean work surface and knead well, it’ll be quite wet at first and you will need to gradually add more flour as you knead it to make the dough super smooth. This’ll take about 5 minutes, remember to keep the surface lightly dusted in flour too so that it does not stick.

Cook the dough your way of liking but what I like to do is get a large frying pan (non-stick or very lightly oil it first) place the dough into it and spread out so it is fully covered. You can actually halve the dough and get away with two pizzas, just may need to roll it a little bit to help with that. Decorate your pizza to your liking (the ingredients we use in the video are listed), warm your hob up to a low flame, and place the frying pan on top, it is good to have a low flame so that the bottom of the base does not cook too quick and burn. Keep cooking away until lightly browned, lift with a spatula from time to time to check and spin the pan around to check it is browned all over, some sides may brown quicker. Once done pre-heat your grill and place the pizza underneath it, cook away until the cheese is melted and bubbly and the base of the pizza may be slightly browned too, don’t worry if not though, this should take 4-5 minutes. Take away from the heat and tip out onto a chopping board before slicing up, you’ll have a fully cooked through, soft in texture dough that is a pleasant change to some crispy dough options – enjoy and let us know how you get on!