2 ingredient ‘flour chicken’

by Barry Lewis


900g plain flour (you may need more to get the right texture & for kneading, coating)

700ml water

1 litre Vegetable stock (optional)

4tbsp chicken seasoning (or more to taste, plus extra for fried coating if using)

Oil for frying

Vegan brioche buns, vegan mayo, lettuce to serve

In this episode of Barry tries, we are taking on the super viral TikTok 2 ingredient ‘flour chicken’ recipe – essentially a seitan made out of just water and flour! There were lots of variations of this recipe so I decided to attempt the super basic 2 ingredient one, but then enhance it a couple of ways, ultimately resulting in a gourmet vegan ‘flour chicken’ burger for my Daughter Phoebe – a really fun challenge that takes a little time, but is definately cool to try!

First up add the flour to a bowl and add the water slowly, mixing with your hands until absorbed, kneading as you go, if you use all the water and it is still sticky/wet, keep adding more flour until it is more like a dough ball and smooth. Cover and allow to rest for one hour in the bowl.

After the hour, place the dough ball into a clean bowl and add cold water, just enough to cover the dough. Knead it with your hands, the water will get very cloudy as the flour releases, but keep doing this, and replacing the water, many times, until the water is a lot more clearer…. not perfectly clear, it’ll feel like you are getting nowhere but keep working the flour kneading it in clean water and it will change eventually. Allow the dough to drain in a sieve whilst you prepare the next step.

If using (but highly recommended) knead in to the dough 4tbsp of chicken seasoning (or a combo of your favourite seasonings) working it well to get it all through the dough as best you can. This really does help improve the flavour so knead it through as best you can. The 2 ingredient version omits this step. Let the dough rest again in a bowl covered, for 2 hours.

The dough will feel super relaxed 2 hours later. Take half the dough and let it hang in the air by holding it one end and it will droop slighly to make a rectangular shape. Place onto a chopping board and make 2 incisions but keep them connected at the top, braid the dough crossing over until you meet the ends, then tie knots in the braid and bring it together as one circle. This step supposedly helps to create fibre type effects in the ‘flour chicken’ when cut through.

Cut into chicken breast shapes / nugget shapes and cook them in the vegetable stock for 30 minutes (you can use water like the true 2 ingredient version, but that is super bland)…. they won’t increase in size much when simmering so cut them to the final size you are planning to eat them.

Once simmered you can eat as it or to upgrade it…..

Have 2 bowls, one flour mixed with more chicken seasoning, the other buttermilk (although you can skip this as it is quite moist to make it truly vegan or find an alternative) dredge the chicken then fry in hot oil until golden brown. Serve in vegan brioche buns with vegan lettuce and mayo for a super delicious kentucky fried chicken style flour chicken burger!

In conclusion, the more flavour you add the more this recipe works. Really do drive in as much flavour as possible. You don’t have to deep fry it either. Cut it thinly and brown in a small amount of oil on the edges sort of resembles kebab meat! Enjoy folks!