Thai Chicken Pizza

by Barry Lewis


300g bread flour

200ml warm water

1 sachet fast acting yeast

pinch salt

peanut butter

1 lemongrass stalk

250g chicken

1 lime

thumb size piece of garlic

1 yellow pepper cut in thin strips

2 spring onions in small slices

red pepper flakes

a mozzarella ball, in slices

This was a recipe I first discovered in LA recently – essentially a pizza with a Thai infused twist, yep, this is the Thai chicken pizza. I did my best to replicate this pizza recipe, and I was really happy with how it turned out.
First up make the dough, combine the strong white bread flour with 200ml warm water, a sachet of active yeast and a pinch of salt, try mixing and doing all the next steps with one hand to keep the other clean / pass the flour. Work it together in the bowl then kneed away for a good 5 minutes at least, be pretty rough with it, keep going until smooth, place in a clean bowl lined with a small amount of olive oil, place a tea towel over the top and place in a warm place for around an hour to double in size. Once the dough is ready knock it back a little then you can roll out and top!
The chicken was marinaded beforehand, bash the lemon grass, then place in a bowl with the chicken, grated ginger, zest of the lime and 1/2 juice of the lime, plus a little sesame oil. Cover with clingfilm after giving it a good mix and place in the fridge to marinate.
Top the pizza with the peanut butter (I went for chunky) spreading thin and leaving enough room for a crust, top with the cheese, chicken and other ingredients then cook on a pizza stone, in a very hot oven or using the frying pan pizza method in this video tutorial.

If you need conversions for the below ingredients check out the ingredient conversion chart