Stuffed Crust Christmas Dinner Pizza Recipe

by Barry Lewis


Pizza dough, ready made or store bought

Leftover gravy

5tbsp cranberry sauce

Handful brussel sprouts, trimmed at the bottom & halved

8 pig in blankets

Approx 100g leftover stuffing

2 handfuls leftover cooked turkey

2 small parnsips, grated

honey to taste

Yes this sounds odd and yes, it really should not have worked so well, but blimey it did! This is a Christmas dinner pizza with a gravy and cranberry sauce base, pigs in blankets, turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts and grated honey roasted parsnips …. oh and it’s a stuffed crust…. with stuffing of course! This was so, so good! Quite a fun thing to do with any Christmas leftovers too! Hope you try it… if you are wondering why I omitted yorkshire puddings or potatoes I wanted to make it truly festive, we seem to have yorkshire puddings most weekends and roast potatoes would have made it too stodgy in my opinion…. but if you want to, go for it!

Start off by making your dough if you have not already. Roll the dough out into a circle shape or shape with your hands into a large circle (or whatever shape you want!)… once happy with the intial shape place on baking parchment to make transferring easier later… place a small trail of stuffing around the outside edge of the pizza dough and add in a few small blobs of cranberry sauce all the way around. Fold the pizza over at the edges to seal in the stuffing and cranberry sauce and press down lightly, work all the way around to form the stuffed crust!

Meanwhile pre-heat your oven to 180c/160f/Gas 4 and in a baking dish bake the grated parsnip, with a good drizzle of honey on top stirred in. Bake this for 10 minutes or so. Also cook the pigs in blankets (if not already cooked) & sprouts to package instructions.

Now top the pizza with the gravy, spread evenly around the pizza up to the stuffed crust edge and add in blobs of the cranberry sauce. Garnish the pizza any way you like with the turkey, more stuffing, brussels sprouts, pig in blankets, parsnips until you are happy with the way it looks!

Warm your oven to the hottest it will go 280c/260fan is a good heat if you can and place a baking tray in the oven too that can hold the pizza. When the oven is hot enough quickly remove the pre-warmed pan, lift the pizza onto it keeping the baking parchment in place, then return to the oven. Cook until puffed up, sizzling and charred on the edges…. this should only take a few minutes!

Take out the oven, drizzle more honey over the brussels sprouts and parsnips, then enjoy! It’s surprisingly wonderful!