Pizza Balloon

by Barry Lewis


2 balls ready made pizza dough

flour for rolling

1 egg, beaten

pizza sauce & toppings of your choice

2 straws

few tbsp warmed rum if you wish to light it

Salad to serve (optional)

I got sent a suggestion to attempt a pizza balloon. Yes, you read that right – a pizza that is inflated with straws and baked to create an edible bowl – cool huh. After following what looked like a simple method, I actually thought this would be easy. Um, yeah.

So I think the instructions for this are fairly simple, I would actually advise against making this with homemade dough just as the texture is so different. The chilled pre-made stuff has a sort of pastry vibe to it and seems to bond really well.

First up make a pizza like you would normally. Rolling out the base on a well floured surface. Decorate the pizza and ensure to leave a very good gap evenly all the way around. Roll out a second piece of dough and if you want use a plate to help you cut to size evenly. Brush the crust edge of the made pizza with egg wash then place two straws into the pizza, placing the dough down on top. Seal really well all the way around pushing together then folding over itself all the way up to the straws.

Inflate the pizza by blowing through the straws and quickly sealing the dough before it deflates! Bake in the oven to the package instructions. Allow to cool and pour the rum over the top and light it carefully (this really is VERY optional!). Remove the lid with a bread knife and then fill with salad, tearing of pieces of the bread bowl to dunk in extra pizza sauce. Weird, but once done it is a pretty fun thing!

The only other tip I think I can really offer is try to have a 2nd person with you when inflating the pizza so you don’t miss any gaps in the dough – upon editing the video I notice this happened once or twice!