pizza cones

by Barry Lewis


Pizza dough
grated mozzarella
mixed peppers
sliced chorizo and mushrooms
chilli bacon jam

In this video I show you how to make pizza cones. These are effectively as the name says, cones of pizza and taste incredibly good! Pizza cones could be the new in thing so let me know what you think! I’d not heard of these before, so when I was told of them I decided to put them into my poll and see what you guys thought, it was either the pizza cones or cauliflower steak… well as you can see the cones won through… if you make them please try the chorizo (or salami etc) combo as those oils that get released make it taste incredible!

I actually found these really enjoyable to make. You can get hold of a pizza cone kit here or as I found out you can roll up car that is completely covered in foil both sides and shape into cone shapes.

Simply wrap pizza dough around the moulds and then seal the seam with water and a pastry brush. This is important as you do not want it splitting during cooking.

Bake partially for 5 mins or so until the pizza cones hold there shape and start to brown.

Fill the pizza cones with your ingredients of choice. I started by lining mine with some chilli jam, then adding my fillings mixed with mozzarella cheese to the top.

Returning them to the oven for ten minutes to further brown gives a gorgeous gooey cheesy middle that you will love!

Eat almost immediately and enjoy these amazing pizza cones! Good luck!