Game of cones

by Barry Lewis


Ice cream cone mozzarella sticks

Block mozzarella, cut into small pieces

Ice cream cones, shape of your choice

Ice cream cones, smashed into small pieces

3 beaten eggs, with mixed herbs & paprika added

150g flour, seasoned with pepper

Vegetable oil for frying

Ketchup or mustard to dunk / serve

Ice cream cone one pan fish pie

3 frozen fish steaks

100g peas

50g spinach leaves, washed

300g jar of white wine sauce

Approx 10 ice cream cones, smashed roughly

Garlic oil to drizzle, optional

Ice cream cone lava on a frisbee brittle thing

100g sugar

3 ice cream cones, smashed roughly

Approx 10 marshmallows

10 pineapple chunks

Handful coconut flakes

50g dark chocolate chips, melted

Today we are taking on a fun challenge and I would love to know what you would make with this combination of ingredients! This is ‘game of cones’, well i’ve not seen the show but we came up with it whilst making the video. Essentially trying to make a 3 course meal but every course must contain the usage of ice cream cones – not wafers (as I would have done a lasagne!) … cones! If you like the mozzarella stick cones, you may want to check out this homemade mozzarella video! Anyhow here’s the recipe!

Ice cream cone mozzarella sticks


Take the mozzarella and cut it into small pieces to fit down an ice cream cone, fill it almost to the top and press down with your finger to compress it into the cone. Once you are near the top use a bowl of water to submerge the top of the cone so make it slightly soggy, that way you can fold over the cone to encase the mozzarella inside it. If you want use extra bits of mashed up cone, soak them and press them in first. This will dry out but hold in the cheese in place while it fries!

Get some bowls, put the beaten seasoned egg in one, seasoned flour in another and broken down ice cream cones in the other. Dredge your cone in flour to help dry it out, then dunk in the egg mix, and then into the bashed cones to breadcrumb it all over, lifting if necessary to coat. Put it back in the egg mix again and then back into the cone pieces to fully coat. Repeat with your other cones.

Warm some oil in a fryer to 180c, slowly add in the ice cream cones and fry until golden brown on the outside, rotating carefully if needed. Place onto kitchen towel to rest. Serve, dunked in mustard or ketchup if you wish but best served warm!

Ice cream cone one pan fish pie


In a frying pan add in the 3 fish steaks (still frozen), pour over the white wine sauce and cook over a medium heat for about ten minutes, stirring and breaking down the fish steak as it thaws. Add in the spinach and peas and continue to cook for approximately 5 mins, stirring until gently bubbling and the spinach has wilted down.

Warm your oven to 160fan/180c or equivalent and then sprinkle ice cream cones on top of the pan mixture, really top it up so some bites to the fishy sauce and the rest is there for crunch. Retrospectively I would probably break the ice cream cones up smaller to be a fine layer next time but visually the chunky stuff looks better, like an aggressive filo pastry! Drizzle garlic oil on top if you wish and then bake for ten minutes or until lightly golden.

Ice cream cone lava on a frisbee brittle thing


Get a frying pan add in the sugar. Over a low heat steadily warm it until it goes amber, not a moment sooner once it is all dissolved (to prevent it burning!) pour it very carefully into a lined loose bottom round cake tin. Before it cools sprinkle on the cones for them to bite into the sugar.

While it is cooling warm the marshmallows in a microwave and push on top of the ice cream cones, place the pineapple chunks in the marshmallow, optionally charring with a chefs blowtorch if you have one, before sprinkling on the coconut flakes and drizzling with the melted chocolate. Smash it up, serve and share – very cheeky thing indeedy.