Homemade Burger King Chicken Fries

by Barry Lewis

Cook time
10 mins


Burger King Chicken Fries

2 chicken breasts, bashed to ½ inch thick, frozen overnight

150g golden breadcrumbs

Good pinch of salt and pepper

2tsp parsley

2tsp thyme

2tsp onion powder

2tsp garlic powder

1tbsp sugar

3 eggs, beated

250g cornflour

Vegetable oil, for frying (or spray oil for air fryer)

Burger King Chicken Fries Dip

100g mayo

50g American style mustard

50g bbq sauce

1heaped tbsp honey

I’ve had lots of requests to make Burger king chicken fries and there are a couple of ways to make them, one very easy (if not too bothered about the shape!) and and a couple of other options which produce a more accurate ‘chicken fries’ look. I’ll talk about them below, for the basis of this recipe I did use both an oven and air fryer all set to 190c but I think the fryer really did do it best – it’s your call, but the sauce does mask it if you are making that also!

Homemade Burger King Chicken Fries

Alright if you’ve frozen your chicken, let it that for ten minutes slightly then cut into long rectangular sticks of an even size. If you’ve forgotten to freeze your chicken you can just slice it your best.

Another option is to whizz up unfrozen chicken into a pulp in a blender, then press into a rectangle shape or ideally if you have a silicone mould, you could then freeze that and pop them out and have perfect shapes!

Set up a dunking station, 1 with the eggs beaten on their own, then the cornflour on it’s own, then in the other one mixing the breadcrumbs with the sugar, herbs and spices plus the salt and pepper, mix it well to combine.

Add the chicken to the cornflour and coat it all over, dunk in the egg, then place into the breadcrumb mixture, lifting to coat it well. Repeat as necessary, if it’s not coated great you can re-dunk in the egg and breadcrumbs again.

Fry in vegetable oil in small batches at 190c until golden brown for at least 5 minutes, draining on kitchen towel to cool. In an air fryer spray them with spray oil and push the cooking time to 15 minutes, turning halfway and spraying again. For the oven, push it to 20 minutes at 190fan/210c without any oil.

For the sauce, simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Tweak to taste to your liking as required and keep chilled in the fridge until needed for dunking.