Homemade Chicken Big Mac

by Barry Lewis


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Chicken Big Mac? Yes, that’s a thing at the moment…. and it’s getting mixed reviews. In this video I buy 2 McDonald’s ones for some reason and then make my own from scratch to compare. The ingredients worked out about 70p cheaper to make my own but that’s only as I had most of it around the house already like the spices. The big mac sauce we make from scratch too, it worked for me, but others thing the Big Mac should just be left to beef. See what you think and try the recipe if you like! The chicken patty that we made would work brilliantly for a McChicken sandwich clone.

Chicken Big Mac Recipe

First up make the chicken patties – these need to be frozen for at least 90 minutes, but overnight would be ideal for a good solid set. Whizz up the chicken chunks in a food processor with some pepper and an egg, whizz until it is a mush pulp. Lift half the mixture into a bowl of cornflour, using your hands to coat the chicken, then shape on some baking paper on your worktop into the size you want them to be, ideally the size of your buns! Repeat with the other half of the mixture, shaping again, ideally 1cm thick and even on top. Transfer to the freezer to firm them up, DO NOT TRY TO FRY THEM WITH THEM IN THIS STATE OR THEY WILL FALL APART (that’s me shouting in text lol).

Make the big mac sauce by combining all the ingredients in a bowl, giving it a good old mix and then transferring to the fridge until needed.

When the chicken patties are ready (you could make them ahead)… get your buns ready. Take 1 lid and 2 bases, slice one bottom of a burger base with a bread knife and discard the cuts. Warm a frying pan with no oil and brown all the buns cut side down, to lightly char them. Remove to one side, but char both sides of the middle bun section. Leave to one side.

Make the batter by combining all the batter ingredients whisk them well, until smooth and lump free in a shallow dish. Warm some vegetable oil in a deep pan, when a piece of bread is added and it browns, within a few seconds the oil is ready. Hold the temperature steady and get the chicken out the freezer. Dunk a chicken patty into the batter and add it to the oil carefully, repeat with the 2nd chicken patty cooking until golden brown, at least 5 minutes, we really wanna cook this chicken through. Place onto kitchen towel and sit a slice of cheese on top of one of the pieces of chicken, the residual heat should start to melt it.

Assemble the burger, with sauce, sliced gherkins, lettuce and the cheese coated chicken patty, then add the middle section bun, some more sauce, a few onions, lettuce and top with the other chicken piece. Add the top of the bun and serve whilst still warmed! Of course you could switch this to a beef burger or you could omit the big mac sauce to may and make a McChicken sandwich clone. Enjoy and good luck!