Kinder creme egg rocky road

by Barry Lewis


200g Dark chocolate
200g Milk chocolate
150g butter
3 tbsp Golden syrup
150g Mini Kinder Eggs
150g Mini marshmallows
150g Cadburys creme egg biscuits (or use standard biscuits)
150g White chocolate
Yellow food colouring (cocoa butter or oil based)
9 Cadburys creme eggs
20 or so mini eggs to decorate

This recipe is up there with one of the naughtiest things I have ever made, it’s so simple too. I’m calling it unofficially my fully loaded eggscellent rocky road, it is crammed full of eggs, marshmallows and biscuits. It was insanely good, like really good, soft to bite with a whole combo of flavours going on. I recommend making this for a party, super simple and just a little bit would go down a storm!

So to make kinder creme egg rocky road, start off by slicing your chocolate into smaller pieces. A combination of white and dark chocolate was used but you could just use one type if you prefer. Stick a saucepan on a low flame and melt up the butter, once nearly melted tip in the chocolate and stir through to melt, also tip in the golden syrup and stir through, once all stirred in and smooth remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly. We don’t want the mixture too hot or it will melt the marshmallows.

Meanwhile slice up your creme egg biscuits (or standard biscuits if you can’t get them). Once the chocolate mixture has cooled but still maneuverable tip in the marshmallows, mini kinder eggs and biscuits stir to coat through well. Now push this mixture into a fully lined baking dish (or silicone one would be even better if you have one) line it well to make it easy to get out later on. Let it settle in the dish for a moment.

Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over simmering water ensuring it does not touch the bottom. Pour half of it over the dish in zig zags, then using food colour oils (not gels, white chocolate is tricky to dye so get some decent food dye or it will sieze) mix through until a yellow colour is formed and again drizzle on the dish in zig zags.

Top with cadburys creme eggs and mini eggs then stick in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours.
Remove, serve in chunks and give it all away to friends, trust me it’s super good hope you try it!