Easter Egg Hacks

by Barry Lewis


Crème egg

1 cadbury crème egg

400g icing sugar

Orange food dye


No bake peanut butter cheesecake

150ml double cream

340g cream cheese

Tsp vanilla extract

60g icing sugar

200g peanut butter

Reeses mini peanut butter cups, halved

150g (1 pack) oreos

45g butter

Chocolate sauce to top


Kinder beuno egg

75h roasted hazlenuts

110g white chocolate

100g sugar

110ml vegetable oil

110ml milk

1 tbsp cornstarch

Tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate sauce to top

Wafers to garnish

Well Easter is here (well, as I type)… I hope it is not just me that has a little concern that Easter eggs are shrinking, yet getting more expensive!? Anyhow, this is a little idea I had of pimping up some Easter eggs, taking the shells of the eggs and filling them with your dream topping – I had some fun thinking up ideas for this one, very nearly going down a cake pop route, but settled for a no bake peanut butter filling, a larger Cadbury crème egg one and of course it had to be an attempt at homemade kinder Bueno style – oh my goodness!

These are just my ideas, but I’d really like to see your attempts, so if you do try them out tag me in a picture to pimp your Easter eggs and bring them to life!

The Cadbury crème egg one was super simple – you’ll just need icing sugar and orange food colouring, plus an additional crème egg to garnish if you like. Combine the icing sugar in a bowl with water, slowly pouring and mixing, until you get a smooth and thick paste, approx 400g icing sugar worked for me. Divide a small portion of the icing out into a smaller bowl and add the orange food colouring, I used about 2 good teaspoons worth to get the right colour! Add the white icing into the chocolate egg half, drizzle in an egg yolk with the orange filling then stick in the roughly chopped crème eggs. Keep in the fridge until serving up.

For the kinder beuno inspired egg into a food processor add the sugar and nuts, whizz for a good 5 minutes to release some of the oils from the nuts, and let the 2 ingredients bond, add in the vanilla, cornflour and half the oil and whizz again for a minute. Add the remaining oil and whizz again, this should loosen the mixture slightly. Last up whizz in the milk and white chocolate, keep going until the chocolate is fully broken down, this should taste just like kinder Bueno filling!

Pour this into the chocolate egg half with chocolate sauce drizzled on top and bashed wafers, this was phenomenally good!

The no bake peanut butter cheesecake eggs were a doddle to make, first bash a pack of oreos in a ziplock bag with a rolling pin and mix with the butter, that has been melted in a microwave. Mix until well combined then spoon carefully into the base of a chocolate egg half.

For the cheesecake filling, whip the cream and add in the cream cheese, peanut butter, vanilla extract, icing sugar and some reeses peanut butter pieces that have been cut into small pieces (save some to top too at the end) Mix this together really well until a smooth consistent colour is achieved.

Spoon this onto the oreo base in the chocolate egg, the stick in some extra peanut butter chocolate pieces and drizzle with chocolate sauce, phenomenal!

So there you go, there’s 3 ideas for you to try, have a go and see how you get on!