Easter Egg Cheesecakes

by Barry Lewis


Leftover Easter egg halves
90g Biscuits of your choice, whizzed / bashed into crumbs
20g butter, melted
For the filling
200g Cream cheese / soft cheese
100ml Double cream, chilled
35g sugar
Vanilla extract / or other extract flavouring if you wish
To top
Leftover Easter chocolates / items themed to your egg

Leftover Easter Eggs, I’ve not heard of that before…. But I had so many requests to make these Easter Egg cheesecakes, really they are designed for Easter leftovers or could make quite a fun edible gift, so I had to buy some eggs in advance which was pretty tempting in itself! This no bake cheesecake recipe gets stored in a chocolate easter egg shell half and as the video shows, it’s very easy to adapt it and put your own spin on it.

To the side is the basic recipe, however I’ll explain where you can add things.

Ok so this is nice and simple, first up get your whizzed biscuits (I used 3 different types in the video, use whatever you like) add the butter with them into a mixing bowl and stir together until well coated, press this into the bottom of your easter egg shell with a spoon, to create the base layer. You’ll have enough for a couple at least, leave them to one side.

Get an electric whisk and whizz together the sugar, cream, cream cheese and vanilla extract (if using). Keep whisking it until nice and thickened (around 5 minutes). If using other ingredients to flavour stir them through too. For the banoffee I added 1 small bashed banana and 1tbsp caramel, for the Ferrero rocher, a handful of nuts, 1tbsp Nutella and a few bashed wafers.

Spoon the mixture into your chocolate shells and smooth it with a spatula to level off, then place in the fridge to firm up the filling initially for 30 minutes. Take out the fridge and top with anything you fancy, leftover Easter chocolates, Ferrero rocher, caramel sauce, more bananas etc, melted chocolate. Then place back in the fridge for a further 20 minutes to set / firm up those toppings and firm some more, best kept chilled. Cut into chunks and share, far too naughty for one person!

That’s it! They are super naughty so I would suggest sharing them or making mini ones!