Giant Kinder Egg

by Barry Lewis

Ever wanted to make your own homemade giant kinder egg? Well, let us tell you, it takes a lot of time indeed, but hopefully as you’ll see it is worth it! This egg would be great to share for Easter at a party (that was our plan!) but as you’ll see only half of our kinder egg survived! This was so much fun to do, but requires a lot of patience, a little bit of skill and a little arts and crafts skills to paper mache the balloon.

If you do try this I recommend when paper mache the balloon, adding a wire mesh from a DIY store around the middle layer of paper mache and sealing it in with more layers, this will give it incredible stability to help support the chocolate (yep melted chocolate is very heavy stuff!)….. good luck and if you make the wrapper you will need tin foil, etcher primer which you can get from car shops and acrylic paint, this makes the paint stick to the foil surface!

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