Homemade Dark Chocolate

by Barry Lewis


Ingredients – hit pause
kes a very smooth & rich dark chocolate
150g vegetable shortening (Stork in the UK) or Coconut Oil
6tbsp golden syrup / maple syrup
130g unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp salt

fillings can be up to you – I used
handful chopped nuts / chopped chilli etc

In this video Barry shows you how to make homemade dark chocolate. It’s very simple recipe in that there is no need for cocoa beans or any fancy grinding – we simply use cocoa powder. Whilst there are a number of ways to make homemade chocolate this is the easiest, and it results in deep rich chocolate that has a soft velvet texture and is very addictive and you can even give it a slight coconut twang if you use the coconut oil! In this video 3 bars are made – normal chocolate, chilli chocolate and nuts.
I have made chocolate before using a sugar syrup which is a little harder but gives a harder and more customisable milk chocolate which I will make soon, but this is a good chocolate base to go with the white chocolate made previously.
Please note if you go for the coconut oil option, it will obviously have a slight coconut taste to it – most people go for the shortening. Keep refrigerated.