Homemade Kit Kat Chocolate Bars

by Barry Lewis


400g milk chocolate, broken into pieces

10 sheets of wafer (if you can get them!)

Orange extract or other flavouring (optional)

For the wafers

2 eggs

300g sugar

225g butter, softened

1tbsp vanilla extract

1tbsp baking powder

350g plain flour, plus extra for rolling.


I’ve wanted to make homemade Kit Kats for a long time. I had the right mould, I get asked to make a recipe for them for ages, but the one time I try to make them, every supermarket in the UK didn’t have the wafers I needed… so I made my own homemade wafers, to create my very own gourmet kit Kat chocolate bars! Potentially more like a kit kat chunky with the size of the moulds, but hey chocolate keeps getting smaller, so lets make it the way we want!

Ok so the most important thing you’ll need is a silicone chocolate bar mould in finger shapes. I picked mine up online, there’s quite a few different ones on Amazon. Slice up your wafers into thin strips that will fit in the silicone mould gap. If you don’t have the wafers, you can make it by doing this:

Beat together the egg and sugar until creamy, add the eggs and vanilla extract again beating through until smooth and blended. Sift in the baking powder and flour into the mixture folding as you go until fully incorporated and lump free! Wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours, it should be very firm.

I highly recommend getting a wafer /waffle press, but if you do not have one, take a small piece of the dough and roll it out as thin as you can on a very well-floured surface. Once you have got it as thin as you can, pop onto a lined baking sheet, slice into small strips needed and bake for 5-6 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180fan/200c/400f. Allow to cool fully. They will be slightly fatter than normal wafer if you don’t have a press as it has the space to puff up more, but it’s fine it’s still a wafer, but to get the proper effect a wafer press would be ideal! Once cooled use as per standard wafers.

Melt a small amount of chocolate in the microwave and stack 3 or 4 strips of wafer on top of each other with the chocolate helping to glue the stack together.Repeat with all the wafers, ensuring they still fit fully in the silicone mould.

Melt ¾ of your chocolate in the microwave on 30 second blasts, stirring in between until warmed and smooth. Add in the remaining ¼ of chocolate, grate it up or finely chop it to make it easier to melt, then pour into the melted chocolate and stir through until smooth and the heat has melted it fully.

Pour a small amount in the moulds at the bottom and tap to release any air bubbles, place in the freezer to set it and give the wafers something to sit on, it should set in about 5 minutes. Place the wafers on top, then pour the melted chocolate all over the cavity, tapping down well to get the chocolate to the bottom of the mould, air bubbles should come to the surface when you do this, it’s important as it’ll ensure they wafers are fully covered.

Place the chocolate into the fridge or freezer to set fully in the mould, then pop out for a super fresh homemade kit kat! If you like this idea, play around with it by adding different flavourings to the chocolate and wafers! Good luck, enjoy.