Operation: Rainbow Chocolate | DIY Holographic Chocolate

by Barry Lewis


Chocolate – that’s it, but in my opinion get super high cocoa dark chocolate

You’ll also need defraction grating sheets

This was the longest video I have ever done. An epic task of attempting to make homemade holographic chocolate – that is chocolate with actual shiny light reflections on the surface that are completely edible. Making this video I went through every possible emotion and even at times thought it was the biggest prank ever, but as you’ll see at the end, it was quite the final moments.

It’s hard to know where to start with this, yes you are just making chocolate melt, but it is tempering it and keeping the structure of it that is critical. So i’m going to keep it short, however I would suggest looking here for an instructables article, or checking Janelle’s Twitter for some other tips. Oh and I also got 13,500 lines/inch defraction grating sheets from a company called Rainbow Symphony. They do other ones but the 13,500 lines help generate more!

Essentially you need to temper the dark chocolate to make this work… get some good high quality cocoa stuff, some of the baking stuff will do too, that’s quite shiny even when out of a packet! Temper the chocolate, break it up into quarters and chop it finely, melt over a pan of simmering water in a bowl, making sure the water does not touch the bowl, melt it to x c then let it cool down to xc as it is cooling down add in the final quarter of the chocolate and stir through as quickly as you can, this will melt it through but also help it cool quicker, so small pieces, really do help, ideally grated. Warm back to x c and place on the defraction sheet.

Before you place on the defraction sheet run your finger along it, if it squeaks that is the side to pour the chocoalte on, if it is smooth, don’t pour on that side. The tempered chocolate fits into all the grooves in the defraction sheet, to help make the hologram. Spread it out with a spatula and then gently tap the film on your work surface a few times to help settle the chocolate and get air bubbles out, place in the freezer for a good 20 minutes to get a really good set on it, I think this helped letting it set longer, sometimes I did it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and the chocolate hadn’t fully peeled away from the paper.

Shine a torch on it or if you are in a well lit room point the chocolate at the light with different angles and you should hopefully be able to see the rainbow lights on the surface of the chocolate – completely edible!

Good luck!