DIY Christmas treats 2

by Barry Lewis



good handful cornflakes

100g white baking chocolate

green gel food colouring

3 red skittles


Marshmallow mugs

large marshmallows, plus some chopped small for topping

melted milk / white chocolate

candy canes

cookies for the base

black icing


Melted snowman

White chocolate, melted

pretzel sticks

red skittles

small peanut butter cups / rolos

black and white icing for eyes

orange icing for a nose

It’s always fun to make some funky christmas treats / edible gifts, especially at Christmas. So I hopped onto Pinterest for some inspiration and picked out 3 awesome little things to try that seemed so simple I tried to make them just from looking at the pictures, rather than the recipe!

The video explains the full method I used for each one but I’ll try to summarise below.

For the Wreath, melt white chocolate and dye with a green food colouring. Melt the chocolate in batches on 30 second blasts and do not overdo it! Add the cornflakes and stir through after successfully dying the chocolate, or if you prefer you can add the cornflakes and mix through, then add the colouring, this worked better for me. Whilst the chocolate is not set, push a few red skittles into the wreath to look like berries, set in the fridge to firm up.

For the marshmallow mug. Take a large marshmallow and push the top end of a candy cane into the side of it. You may need to trim the candy cane. Use small cookies the same size as the marshmallow for them to sit on, dab with a little chocolate then push the marshmallow onto it. Push 3 rolled up small pieces of black icing onto the marshmallow if you want to give a snowman effect. Drizzle a little melted milk chocolate on top to form the pretend filling for the mug and top with a few small chopped marshmallow bits. Place in the fridge to set.

For the melted snowman, melt some milk chocolate onto baking parchment and push into a sort of melted puddle shape (this is pretty flexible!)… place in a peanut butter cup, 3 skittles, 2 pretzel sticks, a carrot nose made of orange icing, plus eyes made of black / white icing and put in the fridge to set!

That’s it, I hope you enjoy these DIY Christmas treats!

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