Halloumi Fries

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
3 mins


4tbsp plain flour

2tbsp smoked paprika

Oil for frying – vegetable oil etc

Freshly cracked black pepper

Block of halloumi – roughly 250g

Dip of your choice

To make homemade halloumi fries it is incredibly simple, in fact the paprika and pepper used here is just a very simple addition to the coating. You could easily get away with just flour as it grips to the halloumi so well, but lets not make it too bland, the smokiness of the paprika with a little pepper edge works a charm, these are best served warm with a dip of your choice, squeaky cheesy tasty fun!

In a bowl stir together the flour, paprika and pepper. Mix until well combined and fully blended. Carefully slice the halloumi on a board into thick chips size chunks, too thin and they could break. You should get about 8 from a standard pack.

Get a wok and add in the oil, warm until a piece of bread bubbles when dropped in. Fry the halloumi in the oil for a couple of minutes or until the edges are browned and lightly crisped around the edges. Drain on kitchen towel, and then serve a few minutes later once cooled a little but still warm, dunking the halloumi fries into your favourite dip! Super good, remember to mix up the flavoured coating too if you want, that’ll really change the taste and even adding a little baking powder would make the coating bubble like the recent popcorn chicken recipe video!