4321 ep 24

by Barry Lewis


Couscous cake

2 x 150g packs of couscous

1 onion, diced

150g cheese, grated

Pesto Sausage Mash

4 large potatoes, washed

3tbsp pesto (or more to taste)

Pack of sausages

Jaffa cake trifle (per trifle)

3tsp marmalade

3tsp crème fraiche

5 jaffa cakes

Triple strawberry milkshake

8-10 strawberries, hulled

200ml strawberry milk

150g strawberry yoghurt

Handful of ice cubes (optional)

Couscous cake, Jaffa cake trifle, triple strawberry milkshake and a Shrek inspired bangers and mash all the get the 4321 treatment in todays video, remember all these items are 3 items only / 12 items (or ingredients) in total. Hope you get some inspiration to take these up a notch with some more ingredients, to your own liking, proper simple budget cooking ideas that taste good!

Couscous cake

First up make the couscous to package instructions – so add your boiling water, mix and fluff up with a fork etc. Leave to one side.

Cook the onions in a frying pan until just browned over a medium heat using a little oil if you wish, then lower the heat and add in the cheese, stirring until melted through and coating the onions, pour into the bowl with the couscous and stir together whilst hot. Make sure the couscous fully coats the cheese to get it nice and even.

Press into a frying pan and fry for a few minutes until browned on the bottom, either transfer to a plate and flip then fry the other side or place under the grill to brown the top too. Taste good hot but just as nice once chilled in the fridge!

Pesto Sausage Mash

Make a few indents in the potatoes with a fork then add them to a pan of water and bring to the boil, peel the potatoes if you like but I quite like to keep the skin on. Simmer away for approx. 20 minutes or until fully softened, remove into a big bowl.

Meanwhile cook the sausages to package instructions in a frying pan / oven. You could add some pesto to the sausages for the last few mins of cooking if you like.

Mash the potatoes in a bowl and stir through the pesto to combine. Add more pesto to your liking. Serve with the sausages! Surprisingly filling!

Jaffa cake trifle (per trifle)

Grab a small glass, break up some jaffa cakes into small pieces and layer the bottom, then alternatively add in layers of the marmalade, crème fraiche and more jaffa cake pieces. When you reach the top crumble a jaffa cake into crumbs on top to decorate. Keep chilled.

Triple strawberry milkshake

A nice simple one this, after preparing your strawberries, add all the ingredients into a food blender and whizz away until combined, tweak to taste.