Pizza Shooters Sandwich

by Barry Lewis


1 large bread cob

½ onion, roughly chopped

½ green pepper, sliced into small strips

200g cooked chicken breast slices

Approx 20 pepperoni slices

200g passata / pizza sauce

Good handful sundried tomatoes, chopped

1 mozzarella ball, sliced into small pieces

100g packaged mozzarella, grated

Bunch fresh basil, chopped roughly

Take a bread bowl, squish the dough in the centre, fill to the max with pizza toppings, return the lid, squish it with a breeze block and top with more pizza ingredients – you’ve got yourself one absolutely epic sandwich which is a sort of pizza/calzone/bread bowl/sandwich hybrud! Warming, ultimate comfort food that you can make in a flash with a decent bakery round bread loaf! Play around with this idea and let me know what you think!

How to make a shooters sandwich bread bowl

Remove the lid from your bread and hollow out the bread in the centre. Or you can squish it down like I did in the video to help absorb some of the sauce. Start layering inside the bread bowl evenly – first the pizza sauce layer, then some fresh mozzarella strips, pepper strips, onion layer, sun-dried tomatoes, cooked chicken strips, pepperoni, additional sauce, basil, then a grated mozzarella layer to give a nice flat layer for lid to rest on.

Of course all of the above can be done any way you like and will factor massively with what ingredients you use – try to get a mix of wet and dry and fill it as much as you can!

Place the lid of the bread back on top, and wrap in foil. Now weigh it down with something super heavy – lots of books etc breeze block not recommended! Leave it for a good 45 minutes to flatten then carefully remove from the foil.

Add extra grated mozzarella and pepperoni on top if you wish then bake in the oven at 160fan/180c or equivalent for roughly 30 mins to warm through the middle and until golden brown on the top.

Allow to cool slightly before serving, slicing through the epic, crunchy crust! Enjoy 🙂