How to make a lego cake

by Barry Lewis


3 small cakes (or make your own!)
For each portion buttercream:
110g butter (0.5 cups)
500g icing sugar (4 cups)
1 tsp vanilla extract

red, blue & yellow food dye (oils are good)

In this video recipe tutorial I will show you how to make a lego cake in a hurry! This cake was made using pre-made cakes and took 2 hours in total to create – perfect for an emergency birthday cake! As I say I did this in a rush and if you have the time you can make it super smooth and also bake your own cakes, but for two hours I was pretty happy!

Cut the pre-made cakes into square shapes and just scale down to the bricks you want. Cut them fine trying to have as less crumbs as possible. Cut out circles for the tops with a small cookie cutter using leftover cake. Place in the fridge for the time being.

Make the buttercream by mixing together the butter, vanilla and icing sugar until smooth, then gradually add in the food dye until you get the colour shade you are after!

Frost the cakes, this is the step that you should give the most time to. I found that by dipping you pallet knife in warm water it helped to provide a nice shiny edge to the bricks and helped to smooth them, again take a lot of time for this step – the more time you allow the better it will look. I was relatively happy with mine considering the time I had.

Make a base with ready roll green icing and cut out circles using the same cutter used for the tops of the cakes, stick these down on the green base and brush with water to clean up and hold as a glue.

Place the lego bricks down on the base and then finish with actual lego characters – good times!

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