Kinder Magic Ball

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
30 mins
Cook time
40 mins


300g good quality milk chocolate

300g good quality white chocolate


Fillings of your choice!

I went for

A meringue nest

Half a kinder egg

Edible gold leaf

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Bashed hazelnuts


Raspberry sauce

Handful raspberries

2 tbsp water

Sugar to taste


Caramel sauce

100g butter

50g caster sugar

50g dark brown sugar

120ml cream

Oh wow, this is one of the best desserts I have ever, ever tasted. A Kinder egg themed magic ball dessert that is melted by caramel sauce housing a golden kinder egg with ben and jerrys ice cream, raspberry sauce, nuts, kinder Bueno all on top of a meringue nest! When you pour the sauce over it, the hidden dessert is revealed!

To make this you’ll need a little bit of patience, some balloons and the video we did on tempering chocolate for reference.

First up inflate balloons to the desired size of the dessert you want to encase, tie a not in them and attach them with a little tape to some shot glasses or something similar to help them stand up. Give them a light grease in oil.

Melt your white chocolate according to the temper instructions which for reference, melt 2/3rds of chocolate to 43-45c, add remaining 1/3 of white chocolate mix til melted, cool to 25-27c, heat to back to 28c.

Once ready pour over the balloons and allow to air dry whilst you temper the milk chocolate. For reference this is melt 2/3rds of chocolate to 45-47c, add remaining 1/3 of milk chocolate stir through to melt, cool to 27-28c, heat to 29-31c.

As it takes time to cool, by the time the milk chocolate is ready the white chocolate should be fairly set even in room temperature and ready for the milk to be poured on top, do this and let it drip off the sides. Refrigerate the balloons for 30 mins or until firmed.

Warm a plate in the microwave and rub the bottom of the ball on the hot plate to melt the chocolate and provide a smooth edge. Pop the balloon and pull it out carefully. Return the ball to the fridge until ready to serve with your filling of choice.

My hidden dessert was a meringue nest on a plate, with a drop of melted chocolate holding a kinder egg half onto it, filled with ben and jerrys ice cream and 2 kinder beuno pieces and a sprinkle of nuts. It was then finished with a raspberry sauce.

To make the raspberry sauce in a small frying pan warm the water and raspberries, squishing the raspberries with a wooden spoon and adding sugar to taste, bring to a low simmer until the raspeberries have fully softened, pass through a sieve to get rid of any seeds and drizzle on the dessert.

The caramel sauce to be poured over the ball is made by heating together in a pan the butter and sugars (you can just use light brown sugar instead if you have it) once the butter is melted and sugar dissolved, over a low flame (ensuring it has not boiled yet) add in the cream, stirring and bringing up to a low simmer, the sauce is now ready!

Pour the hot caramel sauce over the ball once you have placed it over the dessert. It should melt away and reveal the epic dessert underneath! What a treat, so good! Hope you try this recipe out, it’s very fun and quite rewarding. My one tip would be to keep your hands cool when handling the tempered ball – good luck!