Homemade Corn & Flour Tortilla

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
20 mins
Cook time
1 mins


Flour Tortilla

375g plain flour (plus extra to dust)

pinch salt

1tsp baking powder

225ml warm water

75ml vegetable oil


Corn Tortilla

240g masa harina flour

240ml warm water

pinch salt

Making your own homemade tortilla sounds a little complicated, but in actual fact it’s really fun and quite straightforward! The only problem is deciding which one to go for, in this video i’m showing you how to make your own corn tortilla and flour tortilla from scratch – the ingredients are minimal and they taste so fresh! First things first if you are planning on making the corn tortilla then you will need special flour – not cornflour/cornstarch/cornmeal you get in the shops this is a special flour called masa harina – this is where I bought my masa harina flour from online.

How to make corn tortilla

Combine both the warm water and the corn flour and salt into a mixing bowl and stir well with a wooden spoon at first to bring together. It will have the texture of sand at first but keep mixing through until it forms a dough ball, you may add a little extra water / flour as necessary. Knead briefly then wrap in cling film tightly in a ball then leave to one side for about ten minutes.

Once that time is up slice the dough ball up into portions. Apparently this mixture should make 16 tortillas but I doubled mine up to get enough for 8. Roll a portion of dough out between two sheets of baking parchment (unless you have a tortilla press!) until very thin. Adding water or flour if too wet or dry. If it’s a little out of shape, use a bowl to cut around it and make a tortilla size circle and reuse the other dough. Keep covered in cling film and repeat.

To cook, place in a hot griddle pan and cook for 30 seconds or until just starting to go brown, then flip over and lightly brown the other side. Turn out to one side and repeat! That’s it, super fresh tasting authentic corn tortilla!

How to make flour tortilla

For this recipe combine all the dry ingredients – the flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl and mix together. Add in the warm water and oil and mix until a dough is formed, this will be quite a loose dough. Turn out onto a well floured chopping board and knead well until smooth, if it’s too sticky add more flour, too dry add more water. Roll into a ball and cut into 8 portions (again this should be 16 too, but without a tortilla press). Roll each ball out individually between baking parchment to your desired size / cut to size with a bowl. Place in a hot pan and cook either side for roughly 30 seconds or until lightly browned. Again, that’s it.

So with these homemade tortillas, how about trying this yummy quesadilla recipe? Enjoy!