Homemade Pot Noodle

by Barry Lewis

Cook time
5 mins


Makes enough for 2

100g mini chicken fillets, sliced into very small chunks

Handful Mushrooms, washed and sliced into small pieces

3tbsp Tinned sweetcorn, drained

120g dried egg noodles (60g per pot)

3 sage leaves, chopped fine

3 chives, chopped fine

½ low sodium chicken stock cube

1tsp onion powder

2tbsp low sodium boullion powder

1tsp low salt soy sauce, to serve

I’ve recently been having a craving for pot noodles – essentially instant noodle pots where you just add hot water – there’s loads of varieties all over the World of mixed tastes, some pretty good! Despite the high salt count I do love them so decided to try and make my own homemade ones from scratch including the temporary pot mash curry flavour that was only around briefly. I loved making a homemade pot noodle, give it a go and play around with the flavour combinations!

Ok so firstly, there’s no set way to make your own homemade noodle pot… it can vary massively as I explain in the video. The most important thing is the meat you are using and the cooking time of your noodles – don’t get any that take longer than 5 minutes if you are going to be on the go, there’s a risk they won’t cook through!

On the meat side, make sure it is cooked through already, if you want to use fresh chicken by all means, but cook it first, that goes for any meats! Hence why I dehydrate the chicken in the oven for this video, proper pot noodle style.

So anyhow here’s how to make one. First you’ll want to dry out the meat, so it can get re-hydrated later. Pre-heat your oven to 180fan/160c/Gas6/400f… onto a lined baking tray scatter the chicken out and bake for half an hour. At the half hour stage it should be browned in places, mix it up a bit with a quick stir, then add the mushrooms and sweetcorn to the tray. Cover in foil and bake for a further 45 minutes.

Meanwhile make the flavouring, combine the stock cube, bouillion powder & onion powder in a mortar and pestle. Grind away to make a powder. Push in the chives and the sage leaves and stir gently.

Transfer to a larger mixing bowl, break up the noodle sheet into the bowl, add 1.5tbsp each of the sweetcorn, chicken and mushrooms. Then push the flavoured seasoning on top. Mix well! This is what is going into your pot! You should have enough to go into two pots.

Add into your vessel of choice, add on boiling water, cover with foil and leave to stand for 4-5 minutes to allow for slightly longer cooking time. Stir halfway through. Add soy sauce, stir again, the leave covered for 1 more minute before serving! There we go! Your very own homemade chicken and mushroom pot noodle.