Homemade McDonalds Biscoff McFlurry

by Barry Lewis


Vanilla ice cream

Biscoff biscuits

Biscoff spread

This is a dish that has caused outrage, incensed the nation, and sparked fury into the homes of Brits. That dish, my friends, is McDonalds’ latest cold, creamy treat – the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry.

“Bitterly disappointed by this and I hope you are disappointed in yourselves”


I know you’re wondering how McDonalds could have got it so badly wrong with a simple Biscoff McFlurry. Well, it’s all in the sauce! Instead of using Lotus Biscoff to create a luxurious spiced sauce, instead they used a more simple caramel with a few Biscoff biscuit crumbs. Although I’ll be completely honest with you folks, I tried it and thought it was actually not half bad at all!

But I couldn’t let you down, so I took matters into my own hands.  Determined to bring joy back to Biscoff lovers everywhere, I embarked on a mission to create the ultimate homemade Biscoff McFlurry experience, putting up budget ingredients against luxury. Armed with my trusty homemade McFlurry machine which I used last time I attempted a McFlurry – yes, a spoon duct-taped to a drill – I think I’ve done it. Although I’m not 100% about the new paper spoons for this – if you try it at home (and I’m not sure I should be recommending that!), I’ll tell you from experience that a normal spoon works a lot better.

Mrs B jumped on board to help me out with the taste test at the end of it, and let me tell you, she was well impressed with the homemade McFlurry. Watch the video to find out which was our favourite version – the original, the cheap or the steep.

And if you fancy giving it a go at home, here’s how:

DIY Biscoff McFlurry

First, bung 3 or 4 speculoos biscuits into a Ziploc bag and smash them up until you’ve got biscuit crumbs. 

Take a good scoop of your choice of vanilla ice cream – budget or fancy, your choice! And whack it into the McFlurry pot if you happen to have one going spare, otherwise a bowl will do. Add a dollop of Biscoff or speculoos spread, then take your fancy homemade McFlurry machine – a mixer or spoon will do the job if need be – and whizz to soft serve perfection.

Top with a sprinkle of the biscuit crumbs, serve and enjoy!