Homemade Hot chocolate bombs

by Barry Lewis


Chocolate (of your choice – white, milk or dark or even flavoured!)

1 tsp Cocoa powder per bomb (replace with other powder such as malted drink)

5-6 Mini marshmallows per bomb

Food flavouring (if using)

Concentrated food colouring (if using)

Additionel toppings / fillings of your choice – nuts, oreos etc


To serve: Hot milk

These hot chocolate bombs seem to be all the rage at the moment so I figured I’d have a play around with them and come up with some fun ones. The concept is simple – you take melted chocolate, set in into a sphere mould, fill with your ingredients and join to make a ball which you drench in warmed milk…. I personally think it would be more fun to drop them in, but you could burn yourself on hot milk so don’t do that!

Anyhow you’ll need to get a silicone half ball mould to make them possible. Chop your chocolate into fine pieces and melt in a microwave on short blasts for 20 seconds at a time, stirring in between until you get smooth melted chocolate.

Pour into the mould just enough to cover the semi-circle and freeze it for 5 minutes, then repeat and top up the mould to make it slightly stronger with another quick layer. You can flavour or dye (white chocolate) the chocolate if you wish by separating it into smaller bowls – it’s great for different colour effects when making them.

Once set take out of the moulds and keep in the fridge. Warm a plate in the oven and rub the two halves you want to join briefly to create a flat edge. Using cool, yet dry hands add a teaspoon of cocoa powder into one half sphere and fill with a few marshmallows or whatever ingredients you are using, then add the other half on top, you can seal the edges if you wish with a warmed yet dry spoon. Decorate with more melted chocolate / toppings and return to the fridge.

When ready to serve place the bomb into a glass, pour over hot milk and stir until fully melted…. They are actually really fun. In the video I play around with different effects such as a Ferrero rocher one replacing the cocoa powder and marshmallow with Nutella, nuts and wafers, topping with more nuts. Or the Malteser one using malt powder instead of cocoa, play around with it!